Friday, February 11, 2011

Beautiful Stranger

Over a year ago I wrote about "The Beautiful Stranger".

The post is below

Beautiful Stranger

Do you ever wonder why certain people are in your life?
I pass hundreds of people a day during my normal life of driving, shopping, schooling, work.
I look in cars as I drive by...wondering what are they thinking? How was their morning? Do they know they are loved? Do they know...really know that they are special? Has anyone told them, showed them that they are worthy.
That they are enough...
just as they are.
I meet people everyday.
I just know..
I just feel..
are suppose to be a part of my life.
I can't help but to stop my life.
Look at them.
and love.
I met someone by chance almost two years ago...
Normally she would just be a face...
another person that i pass by..
But not this time.
She was my waitress when I went to Phoenix to meet some blog friends.
Tattooed, outspoken, and intense.
I loved her immediately.
I have kept in touch through Facebook and visited her a few months ago.
When I was laying in my hospital bed last week...
so was she.
I had my husband and my church family around me...
she didn't.
She is 26 years old.
She had a 2 inch mass removed from her ovary,
an ovary removed
then the other one untwisted.
She needs probably a hysterectomy.
She is a student
and has no income.
She is waiting to see if she has cancer...
she was just a face...
of a hundred
that I pass by each day.
she has a name.
she has a cause.
Her name is Crystal.
She is worthy.
She is loved.
She is enough.
Please Donate.
Please let her know....
You noticed
the beautiful stranger

Fast forward a year.....
She now has stage 4 cancer.
She is more beautiful than the day I met her.
Her bald head from chemo gives her tattoos even more life.
Her friends are having a benefit for her in Phoenix.
If you live there..
GO! Don't even think about it.
Just GO.
This beautiful stranger will immediately challenge you in beautiful ways.

If you can't go...
Read her blog.

I encourage you to
Give your heart
Donate your change
get to know the beautiful stranger
You will be blessed.
Her name is Crystal
she is loved!


Crystal said...

<3 Thank you

lisa said...

thank you for this tonight...changed every single thing i was thinking and feeling about everything...donating

amy said...

How many people go on your mission trips? I've been looking into a mission trip for some time.

elsa said...

Sorry, to send you this here, but you posted on my crazy adoption website that ou would not work with an agency in Ethiopia. Can I know who that is. I think the adoptions have stopped there, there is some restructuring going on, but I just wanted to know, we need to pick an agnecy. Thanks.It says to e-mail you but I could nto find your e-mail.. and I dont' want to post mine here.. so let me know how I can contact you on teh site. thanks. elsa