Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why Them????

Why? Why have I spent the last 3 months supporting Project Hopeful? They are known for their passion and advocacy work in helping hiv+ orphans through educating families about hiv who are considering adoption to remove stigma in hope that the millions of children living with HIV who may never find a family have HOPE.
What about Because Every Mother Matters? Where on earth does our mission fit? Even though I am an adoptive mother...I do not believe adoption alone will solve the orphan crisis. Let's just say that every Christian did indeed adopt a child...then what? What happens tomorrow when due to AIDS alone 6000 more children will be defined as orphans and then the next day?
Orphan care is NOT just as simple as adoption.
Adoption is
one solution
Orphan care is looking at the causes, the solutions and then WORKING TOGETHER!
There will never be one solution or one cause...
16% of kids under 5 die to Malaria
Every 2 seconds another child dies from Malnutrition
Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of diseases and kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.
1 in 11 women will die due to pregnancy related causes in E. Africa.
What if you could help a momma through her pregnancy, make sure her family has clean water, provide mosquito nets to the family, educate on self-sustainable ways to feed their family...what kind of difference would that have? What if all organizations worked together? What kind of impact would that have?
So, why? Why am I working with Project Hopeful?
In Africa..unfortunately life is already hard. You might die due to childbirth, lack of clean water, malaria, malnutrition....
but to die in shame
to be left alone and unloved because of HIV...
to suffer in silence as a momma and know after you die your kids may carry your legacy and face the same demise is UNFATHOMABLE.
Before Carolyn Twietmeyer and I had even spoke live...I committed to helping her. At that time I only knew of her adoption ministry. Even though I'm not in the adoption ministry..I prayed she woulds use her passion, knowledge and reach to encompass the mommas-
It wasn't until after I sold 120 headbands at her booth that I even heard about PROJECT HOPEFUL's SISTERHOOD PROJECT!
I encourage you to read more and learn why I chose to support Project Hopeful.

By now most of you know they have been featured in PEOPLE magazine. Buy it. Support it.

Only 5 days left to raise the 5k I promised I would raise for the SISTERHOOD PROJECT
5k to help over 14 mommas and their children. 5k to help 14 mommas keep their children.
5k to bring HOPE to our sisters in AFRICA!

Want to help?
remember for every $20 donation you will be entered to win a custom bracelet made
YOU HAVE TO WRITE BEMM in the notes section.
All info is on my website
Click LOGO

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