Monday, November 29, 2010

A Picture is Worth...

(Carolyn Tweitmeyer and daughters from Project Hopeful being Tacky 4 Africa)
To watch the video they were making click here

Some say a picture is worth a 1000 words. I believe that. I also believe a picture is worth a dollar. I have a donor who will give $1.00 to Because Every Mother Matters for every photo posted on our Facebook fanpage of someone being Tacky 4 Africa or going REDical for World Aids Day. $1.00 for the mommas in Africa for each picture (one per person). Have you ordered a headband? Do you have a picture? Post it and we get a $1.00. In celebration of all things Tacky and REDical for every picture you post, you will be entered to win our newest Tacky 4 Africa headband!

The medical team from doma rocking the Tacky.
To watch the awesome stuff they are doing click here

Dasha the cutest headband model from Project Hopeful

My friends canine companion looking like a stud in a headband-proving that they truly are for all creatures!

Leah, my awesome sister-in-law who continues to spread the tacky to all her friends in Lubbock, Texas by selling, giving and sharing!

JR showing that real men will do anything to support mommas

Bethany displaying the cool way to go TACKY 4 AFRICA

and Danette (need I say more?)

Don't have a Tacky or Redical headband? Order 1,2,3,4 or 10. 100% of your purchase supports the refugee hands that make them and organizations making a difference in a mommas life. For 2 weeks a picture posted is worth $1.00 to help BEMM

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Perfect for teacher gifts!