Thursday, November 18, 2010

Go Redical for Hope

One of my many blessings and wow moments in Ethiopia last week was when we visited the ENTOTO project. A few people that lived in the area (outskirts of Addis) on your way to Entoto- where the holy waters are saw a people with no hope, no future, outcasts among their own. Most of them had come from all over hoping, believing the holy water of the area would cure them of their affliction. Most of them women, mothers, young girls with HIV/AIDS. When the holy waters didn't heal, their faith waved and their heart and spirits shattered. I don't know the whole story of how everything transpired so I will try not to ad lib, but basically a few individuals started visiting with them, reaching out, and really seeing these people for who they are-beautiful, capable, worthy. Long story short 100 people are now being served, educated and treated and given what is needed- HOPE. They are now working, learning, taking medicine. They are active members in society, they no longer hold their head in shame, but can look at you in the eyes and when they is magic. It doesn't stop there..on the mountain of Entoto, children are going to school, the community is working together, things are changing. I was blessed to stand in the same room with the founder and many of the women whose lives had been changed. They were busy making jewelry that was being sold around the world. From Ten Thousand Villages to boutiques in California.

Why do I share this story?

Two reasons.

World Aids Day is quickly approaching. I thought I had three weeks to accomplish the goal God put in my heart..turns out I have only 2 weeks. That's why when it is accomplished I can sit back, raise my hands towards the heavens and scream, "ONLY YOU FATHER". For the last few months many of you know I have been quietly advocating for PROJECT HOPEFUL. The truth is..I don't know much about them, but what my heart tells me and what I hear my God tell me is...GO Steffany- Bury your head, work in faith, give all you have, and it all radically!
They are starting a similar program to what I saw in Entoto. Everything is coming together for them...the need is 20k. The difference between the two projects is the women and children will not only get education, purpose, drug management, but A SAFE PLACE TO STAY! The level of vulnerability for these women and children who live on the streets compared to an actual home is heartbreaking.

My goal in two weeks- 5k. I want to raise 5k for Project Hopeful, I want to raise 5k for the women and children that my very heart beats with, I want to raise 5k because I know it is possible. I want to raise 5k to glorify my creator, I want to raise 5k because IT IS NEEDED.

To raise that money through headbands is possible. I would need to sell 900 of them- Remember 40% goes towards the refugees in my area- That's some major revenue for two awesome causes. The reality is..I know it will take more than headbands. I will start up $10 Fridays(but we only have 2 until World Aids Day) I will auction off my original Because Every Mother Matters painting by Amy Smith, I will personally give all that I can, and I will sell headbands!
I can't do this alone. I need you. I need you to spread the word. Post on Facebook, Twitter and to blog. Together we can do this. I am open for more ideas on how to raise this money in such a short time. I just know....It's not about me. It's not about you. It's about HIM.

and I can hear HIS voice every night.....

Red being the World Aids Day Color:)

Are you in?

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