Saturday, November 20, 2010

This is Dedicated to YOU

No act of giving is insignificant. Even the smallest decision to do something, anything will have an impact. Today my tears are flowing. When I started BEMM I had one goal in mind- To share the joy I get when my hands and heart are open and willing to give what I have. I purposefully created a product, "The Tacky Headbands" knowing even in the hardest of economical support a cause through $8-10 purchase was do-able. To date the tacky headbands have raised 1000's of dollars. More than that-They are made by beautiful hands that need not only the money, but the confidence to know-they can make a difference..then they are purchased by you-Believing that your donation has made a difference. And me? You trust my decision to find an organization that BEMM can support. I don't take this lightly. Many of you have followed me from project to project. Together we have raised more than 30k overtime. We have faced disappointments together...when in faith we gave to causes, only to be burned. This is dedicated to all of you- Whether you have been with me since the beginning from Marion's House, the River Island Project in Uganda, birthing kits, Gedese, Feed the Forgotten, The doma health center to Project Hopeful, etc...This is where the past 6 months of our conjoined efforts have taken us...Guess what? YOU MATTER!

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Liz said...

Awesome video! It gives me chill bumps to think that my baby could be born and helped in one of the birthing centers that BEMM and Doma are resonsible for. I am SO greatful for your boldness and commitment to this goal.