Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why Did Fatima Die?

The topic of discussion this week in the Boster house....

Why did Fatima get killed mommy?
I get asked this question when I wake up.
I hear this question when we eat lunch.
I am confronted at naptime.

Who was Fatima mommy?
Was she black?
What did the man look like that killed her?
Did they know how much she was loved?
Does the gunman remember her?
Why did Fatima have to die?
Does God love the man who is singing about her?
Does he hate the one who pulled the trigger?
Was she killed in Africa?
Why does the man still sing about her?
Am I beautiful like Fatima?
Mommy...Why do people kill?
Does God love them?
Would I be taken away like Fatima?
Would you sing about me?
Can we find the person who killed Fatima and tell him her name?
Mommy, why does the man take away what is loved?

These are just a few of the questions that I have been asked this week after sharing with my children K'naan's song FATIMA.

These are the conversations I have with my children. I used to raise my kids in a bubble thinking protecting them from the world was the best gift I could give....I now know showing them the world and letting them experience it...the good, bad, beautiful and ugly has a greater and more lasting impact than anything I could imagine.

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