Friday, November 19, 2010


Have you ever found yourself wondering how on earth you of all people are where you are? It's like those times you have driven for many miles- you are aware of your surroundings and everything, but you are on auto pilot. You finally notice where you are and everything seems so fuzzy. You remember driving but at this very moment you seem to be acutely aware of where you are.

Today I find myself in full realization and completely present in where I am and I can't help but to cry. Who am I? Who am I that I should be here? Those of you who know a little more about be sitting here, writing this and experiencing the life I have is to be fully clothed in the beauty of grace. I am alive! More than heart beats for my God. I look back and am in awe of where I am and all HE has done.

I have 6 beautiful children, a man who loves me more than I deserve, amazing friends and the love of Christ in my heart.

I have been overwhelmed by the support and love I have received today in regards to the vision in my heart to raise 5k for Project Hopeful. I'm tring really hard not to get stressed and attached to the results from today's efforts. Instead of worrying and pushing... I am completely surrendered. I don't know if 5k will be raised...that is up to HIM. I do this very moment-I feel humbled, blessed, loved, aware, and undeserving. I know that I am nothing...yet, very loved. I am thankful.

This is me...on my knees...thanking you for the amazing gift you gave me today- AWARENESS.
That what I do-does matter and what you do-does matter. I love you


missy said...

feeling that way today, myself!

Andrea said...

He's showing up in a big way today isn't He?! I too am feeling it! Feeling His arms and His strength and His undeserved love. GOOD STUFF! Thanks for all that you do!!