Friday, January 8, 2010



I have had several conversations the last few days with some incredible women who have a heart to serve. They want to make a difference just like me. They are filled with passion for orphans, the hungry, human rights and everyday people they meet just like I am. These are women that want to get involved as do I. They have tried to get involved as I have, but then get discouraged when inevitably they encounter friends and family that don't share the same brokenness, the same heartache, the same compassion and vision. They are often told, "That's great of you" or "You're a better person than I am" or "I'm broke" or "It's too big of a problem, you won't make a dent so why are you even trying". I too hear those same statements.
I get them everyday. I get frustrated. I get discouraged. I want to give up.
Maybe God tagged the wrong person.
Maybe I heard wrong.
Maybe they are right,
maybe the problem is too big.
I am comfortable.
I have my own struggles.
I can't make a difference.

But you know.
You know deep down.
That you are not a better person than they are.
You know that helping doesn't have to be a "great deed"
It just needs to simply come from the heart.
And yes,
The problem is HUGE.
It is way bigger than you can tackle.
And yes,
you too are "struggling" financially
you just bought something you didn't need.
The truth is -
You can make a difference.
You can impact and save a life.
It does not take a better person
It does not take a rich person
It does not take someone else.
It takes YOU!!!!!!
We need you.
They need you.
Please give your time
don't have any?
Give your money?
don't have any?
Then give your heart!

Because Every Mother Matter's needs your help!
Those of you new to my blog-
is an organization I started with Brandi (a blog friend) in partnership with Doma Connection to provide birthing kits to remote villages in Uganda.
Right now I need to raise $800. for a momma in Ethiopia. They discovered her on a recent trip
she has a prolapsed uterus and is still living!
My children
my amazing children upon reading about her gave me all of their Christmas money without hesitation. One of my kids has been sending out desperate pleas for help for this mother and has yet to have anyone respond. My heart breaks for not only this mother in Ethiopia who does not know if she will receive the care she needs to be able to not only survive and raise her children,
but also my children's hearts who gave in complete faith and love be faced the reality that so many people feel like their $1.00 or $100 won't make a difference.
So they don't even bother.
But it will.
It will make a difference
has their first project and it is a mommy half way around the world who is living their life like this

So, what do I tell the amazing women that want to make a difference and my own children who give selflessly because of a desire to make a difference?
I tell them-
Some people will
Some people won't.
And those that will
do so not because of what you show them or tell them
but simply because
they want to.
those that don't
might if you
show them and tell them.
In the end
it's all the same
A life was changed.

Go HERE to make a change.
When making a donation please put for Ethiopian Mom or Because Every Mother Matters in the "special instructions to the seller" box.
You will see this box after you log in to your Paypal
on the confirm your order page.
And please know,
if you have any doubt
of how I feel about the importance of feeling lead to a certain charity vs. giving out of guilt please read
this post


Jenny said...

I got paid today for babysitting. I can't deposit it until Sunday, but I will be sending you $100 on Sunday. God bless you for your work and I will always try to contribute!

amber said...

Heck YEAH. Keep on talking straight, Steffany... your honesty and rawness are compelling. I'm glad you're feeling better and I'm glad you're writing again.

Do I need to make a note if I donate straight to Doma? How will they know it's for the mother in Ethiopia? Maybe I missed something on the site.

The Robbs said...

I, too, want to dontate to this Mother in Ethiopia. How do I 'mark' the donation for her care?

Becky said...

Breathe easy! The picture is graphic but makes things hit home. This dear woman needs help! And we are it! Let's do this people!!!!

Charity Hildebrand said...

Hi Steffany! How do we donate to make sure the donation gets to the mother in Ethiopia? I just came across your blog, thanks for sharing from your heart :)


Missy said...

hey stef...will send what i can and share with some of my friends..i'm not going to post on facebook due to the graphic nature and the fact that i am friends with many of my kids' teen and preteen friends.

love you,

amber said...

I ended up just mailing a check with a note on it to Doma because my paypal was acting funky... I know you had the amount come in *yeah!!* so I guess it'll be extra! ;-)