Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stand Up.

Our First Mission For the Because Every Mother Matter's Project
Our partner Doma Connection just brought to our attention a woman in Ethiopia that needs help. She has had three children and has a prolapsed uterus.
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We need to raise $1000 for her treatment. I am so excited for this opportunity to stand up and be counted. To stand up and make a difference. To stand up and see one life changed because we as a team decided to do something. This will be our first project. Yes...our goal is to provide birthing kits to the women in Uganda who lack the basics during labor and delivery. At the same time WE ARE BECAUSE EVERY MOTHER MATTERS!!!!! Every mother no matter where they are. And this one mother. This mother without a name. This mother without a face. This mother matters and she needs our help.

Good news...we only need $900 now. One of my kids who has asked to remain anonymous gave all of his Christmas money the moment he heard about her.
May we all act so quickly and so boldly

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