Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Starting to Notice.

I knew this day would come. I read books that told me this day would come. I rehearsed my speech for when this day would come. I thought I was prepared for this day to come.
Turns out I wasn't ready.
I wasn't prepared.
The words didn't quite come out like I had envisioned.
The twins are starting to notice they are brown and we are tan.
I tell them everyday and always have from the day I met them how beautiful they are.
How much I love their yummy skin.
I don't try to hide our differences or ignore their heritage.
I want them to embrace who they are inside and out.
I thought I did such a good job with the everyday realities of being a trans-racial family
that I would somehow escape the conversation I failed at today.
Thank God I have tomorrow.


ashley said...

I will pray for God to give you wisdom and words! I dont have my brown babies yet but I know that I will probably have one of these days too. Remember love covers alot:)

Paula said...

Oh, that comes up every day at my house! And Candace points out to me everywhere we go how many white people there are compared to brown people. She asked me once if Santa Claus could make her white... and I love my beautiful girls' brown skin and tell them so everyday. It's a hard one, for sure, and I know I don't always do well either.

Jen said...

As the bio mom to three biracial children and the soon adoptive mom to two african american children it is a topic we visit often! The kids pointed out to me a few weeks ago that I was the only white one in the family:) My best advice is to celebrate the differences instead of acting like they are not a big deal and remember children who have red hair or wear glasses or have an accent when those around them don't, struggle with the same kind of's about belonging and what better to belong to a loving family no matter how different we may look:) God makes us all unique and perfect!

Beautiful Mess said...

God bless you friend! Thankful for your family. You teach me so much!