Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Email I recieved about Ethiopian mom (Because Every Mother Matters)

Hello everyone,

My name is Amber Kaufman and, as Julie mentioned, I am the Doma Medical Coordinator. I just received an update from Israel, our in-country coordinator, regarding the woman that needs surgery. Some information about the woman first – her name is Wiwkinesh and she is approximately 38 years old. She has three children and lives in Bora -- a very rural mountain community in southern Ethiopia. We held a 2-day clinic in Bora during our last medical trip. We will be returning in April to do another 2-day clinic. Israel has informed me that Wiwkinesh is in Addis Ababa (the capital city) and will be going to the hospital tomorrow. He was not sure if she would have the surgery tomorrow or the next day. Please say a prayer for Wiwkinesh that the surgery goes well, that the surgeon has skilled hands, and that she heals quickly. Also please pray for her family as she is away from her children during this time.

I also want to tell each of you thank you so much for your overwhelming generosity! Wiwkinesh had suffered several years with the condition and had no means of having it fixed. Thank you for providing the resources – it is greatly appreciated!!

I will send more information as I receive it. Thank you for your support and generosity!!


Paula said...

I got this, too. I'm glad they are keeping us up to date, and hope the surgery goes well.

Adam said...

I feel so proud of you for pushing to make this come together. It's not easy but God has blessed you with this awesome vision and a skill set to match.