Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inspired Afternoon

The little ones are napping and the older ones are reading. Perfect time for a blog post. I sat down with every intention of pouring my heart out to you all. Sharing with you the thoughts that keep me awake night after night or the struggle I am having with Xia and her regressive behaviors. I could even write a whole post about the physical affection Diezel has been showing me lately(which is something so new and so beautiful)

But I won't.
Not after I just read my blog list.
The words and stories I want to share with you are not my own.
I have been crying for 30 minutes reading blogs.
I am
I want to share with you what I read.
Please take the time to read their words
watch their videos
and listen to their hearts.
I want to take you on a journey
First stop- My friend Lisa. Her post, the story of a baby born with severe disabilities who grows into a man with the ability to sofeten any heart. It is A 6 MIN. video....But it is worth every second!
Second stop-My blog friend Julie. She blogs about fear. They are an "older" couple adopting. She has such a sweet spirit and writes with honesty. Please go and read her words and listen to her heart.
Next-My friend living in Fitzville wrote a post that broke me. It's a simple post about her son and food. It was such a huge reminder to me to never forget where my children have come from. I am inspired by her and her insight to understand where her son's stress was coming from.
Then head over to Donna's blog- It is an older post, because she never writes(hint) I come back this a lot. An amazing story of surrender. I love this woman.
Finally stop at Becky's- This post of "tell me I'm not the only one" was brave. As mom's we want to be perfect. We have an image embedded in our minds of how we see our lives, our children, our relationships and as you and I know....It never seems to play out the same way. I love how she honestly deals with the reality of day to day life.
I am so blessed to be able to be apart of all of your lives. Thanks for blogging. Thanks for making a difference in my life today.


Margaret said...

Thanks for linking... I am so inspired by your blog too! Just feel the love today! I am adding a link here, because it has my kids up and dancing this morning, and somehow I know it will have your kids up and dancing too :)

Life in Fitzville said...

Oops, kid #3 on the laptop again, that last post was from a little Fitzling!