Friday, October 10, 2008

Registry Closing

Deep breath. I know...Two posts in one night. I work in spurts. I always admire daily bloggers. They are consistent and always entertaining or insightful. Not me. Nope. I'm lucky to make sense.

Gadese and I are closing her Target registry on Sunday. The only reason I mention it, is a few of you have emailed me about wanting to do something for her. She is feeling overwhelmed by everyone's gifts. On top of the items bought she has received $200 in gift cards and an incredibly generous check for $200 today. With each gift and card she cries and praises God, lifts thanks to the giver and hugs me. She keeps telling me enough. I think it is hard for her to recieve. I can't explain it. She is overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude but at the same time it is foriegn to her. She feels with the gift cards and now the generous gift of $200 she should purchase the rest of her registry herself. How beautiful is that? I love her heart. Even with nothing in comparison to American standards she feels overloaded. Six pairs of socks for her adopted daughter Eden seems too much to her. A pair of pants and warm zip up to her is way too much. How much is in my closet? She has a pack of cloth diapers, one diaper cover, a few newborn outfits, some toys, $400 in gift cards and money to her name and wants to shut down her registry. Would I do the same?

A part of me wants to overwhelm her with gifts. I would love to have every item covered on her registry before it closes. I would love for her to use that money for stuff she didn't register for. The stuff she was too embarrassed to ask for. Toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, toothbrushes, pencils for the kids and etc... If after Sunday you feel like you want to help, please email me. I'm also starting an organization in Ethiopia to be His Hands And Feet and partnering with an amazing organization that Alex(Gadese husband) will be working for. More to come. So there is an opportunity there to help them while helping many others. I'm excited to tell you more.


Heather said...

I am sitting here in tears, telling my husband a brief version of this whole situation. God is so good. Thank you for being available to be used by Him.

Anonymous said...

We would really still love to do something for her. Any thoughts? I

Anonymous said...

Ok... what else does she need? Come on... help me out here!