Monday, February 11, 2008

What Would You Do?

Here's the scenario:

Your husband is home for the weekend.
You plan a romantic evening.
You get dressed in what you wore your wedding night.
As you're taken back by the fact it actually fits after13+ years,
You lean over to light the candles


POOF, your hair goes up in flames!

What do you do? What do you do?
1. Cry?
2. Laugh?
3. Blog about it?

4. After you stop crying from the initial shock, you laugh at how bad it smells, and then think about how to make it into a blog that is still G rated.

Yes, this really happened.


Leah Dooley said...


Christin said...

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding.

Only when you're trying to be ultra-sexy, right? Nothing like the smell of burning hair and the look of a crazed woman to get our men in the mood, eh?

Maybe next time just make him feel around in the dark for you. Add the dimension of mystery. And the assurance of NO FIRE.

I'm so reading this one to my hub! ;)

Fantastic Four said...

That has happened to me!!! you have an excuse to TOTALLY change up your hair! VERY FUNNY Stef!

Major Mom said...

are you ok? did your hair burn alot or just a little? wow...sorta funny in a really weird way. and by the way, your clothes fit 13 years later? impressive...

adam said...

I only have one word.


Lyndsay said...

LOL! That is fantastic and I am very impressed you were able to keep it G rated!

Yes, I am doing the half marathon! I'm going to do a post all about running soon. I hated it too but now love it.

crispy said...

Ohh this made me laugh. Who knew a night with your hubby could be so traumatising.

Hope you are OK. And that it didn't kill the mood.

Brandi said...

Seriously? Or are you just making this up to make your blog more exciting?! ha ah! Too funny!! I bet it's hard to feel sexy after that one! unless he likes the smell of burnt hair!

Love ya,

Laura said...

Laugh and then cry from laughing so hard...did you get it on video? That is a scream! Hope it ended with sparks...

Lisa said...

Oh my! Hope you are ok and yes, hope it didn't ruin your plans ;)

You are such a riot!!

Emily said...

Hahahahaha thanks for making me laugh this morning :) Thats definatly one hot night :)

Christine said...

Yikes! Please post a picture. :)

emily said...

I am in tears!! Where are the pictures? Oh, Steffany, that is just too funny!

Kim said...

just tell me, what did your husband do??? I am laughing so hard. You are true to the sport of blogging, i love it!!

steffany said...

Pictures? Do you think I'm crazy enough to grab a camera will my hair is on fire so I can document what happened? I am a self proclaimed blog addict but taking pictures of before, during or after the event would be a little too hardcore even for me.
Sorry to disappoint.
But thankfully there are no pictures to share.

adam said...

Maybe we could recreate the event with some cameras and . . .
well. . . Okay, that's not gonna fly!
But I just want you all to know, no it didn't fry our plans. Yes once she stopped smokin, she was still smokin!

Is that still rated G? PG?

Stepping Out of the Boat said... are a true hard core blogger! Only a blogger could think the whole time it is happening..."I gotta blog about this"! ;)

You win the award this time for Best Blogger, Most Dangerous Blogger, Sexiest Blogger, and for the most Smokin' Blogger! Let me be the first to congratulate you!

Now go grab that man and celebrate! ;)

Leah Dooley said...

Brother! You are ridiculously xrated! j/k

HollyAnn said...

If I could still fit into what I wore on my wedding night, I would gladly light my hair on fire! You go girl!!!!