Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lesson Learned

Never buy clothes for your adopted children based on age and size estimation by looking at a photo.
I scored last month at Old Navy and thought I had the twins covered. I bought based on the photo and thinking a little smaller than average. They will be two in May. So, I bought 18-24 months and a little 12-18 months. I found out on Tues. that they are 15.5 Ibs. and 16.5 Ibs and 26.8 inches tall.
That is 6-12 months!
Guess what I did yesterday? I went shopping. My hubby asked why I'm not waiting until March when we bring them home. My answer? Isn't obvious? The sales rock right now! 80% off! Not to mention that most warm clothes will be off the shelves in March and only spring clothes will be available and it will still be cold here in the Midwest .


crispy said...

Shop when the sale are good...all mom's know that. =) Sounds like you got some good deals. Remember too big is better than too small of clothes.

Major Mom said...

WHeRe ArE ThE TWinS FrOm? Dying to know in my nosy ways.

Brandi said...

Hey, at least you can still use the clothes you bought before! That's good news. . .it means more shopping! Did you know we have GREAT outlets here? I'm thinking SHOPPING in January!

Love ya!

Laura said...

They can wear the bigger stuff next year. I agree with buying on sale. I used to do that for Alexandra but have stopped because her tastes have changed and continue to do so. David seems to be able to go with the flow still. I cannot wait to meet them. How wonderful! Love you all! Oh, Ryan got an acceptance letter to Mizzou today...cannot believe he is applying for college! Yikes! I'll let you know.

Fantastic Four said...

Did you find LOTS of deals? I am telling you...EBAY is the way! You can get a whole 'bunch' of clothes in a size for really cheap. I got 10 pieces of clothing for Camryn for $10-15. Have you started shopping for a vehicle?

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Not bad for a girl that *doesn't* like to shop! I'm proud of you! :)

Tell Adam that I COMPLETELY agree with buying now while the sales are good! ;) Oh, I can't wait to see the little peanuts in your arms!