Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is what a super hero looks like after they have been de-caped. Nu-Nu has worn only Superman, Batman and Spiderman pj's all day everyday for weeks. I thought it might be time for his secret identity to be unmasked.


Brandi said...

Cute, but I want pics of him in his hero outfits! Brayden would LOVE it! He's obsessed right now with cool pj's and changes back into his pj's at least once during the day!

Love ya,
PS Thanks for your sweet words today. . .you are becoming one of my favorite friends! I'll call you tomorrow. . I have a couple of fun ideas!

Fantastic Four said...

I LOVE THIS PIC! What a mug!

Laura said...

Just want to love him and kiss him and call him baby!

Leah Dooley said...

Yeah, we need some video of Nu-Nu in super hero mode! His songs are the best.

adam said...

Sucks to be A capeless Super Nu-Nu!