Monday, February 25, 2008

Naming Tradition

Thanks for all the wonderful name suggestions. I was amazed at how many were ones we thought of too. I forgot to mention a couple of things about how we name our kids.
1. We call them by their middle names.
2. All of the boys have Christopher as their first name.
3. They all have a first, middle, another middle and finally a last.

If you want to know why we do this, may I suggest you leave a comment addressed to my dear husband Adam. This naming tradition was started by him:)

So, in our family we have:
Christoper Adam (my dear hubby)
Christopher Jace Isaiah
Rebecca McKayley Lena
Gwendolyn Faith Leytte
Christopher Lukas Lee

With that said
Do you have other ideas?


Fantastic Four said...

Interesting! Its like John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt! I like it! So if they get in BIG trouble, do you say all of their names???

G Sheller said...

Steffany-we do some of the same! All of our kids go by their middle names (I must admit that this has turned out to be a pain-but there's no turning back now!) My husband is also big into the three names thing as well. I didn't go for it until our daughter (Eleanor Larkspur Millay) was born, so the boys just have two names. I think we will be going with three from now on. Isn't naming fun!!!

G Sheller said...

I like Christopher Ezekial

Major Mom said...

Christopher Samuel and Catherine Grace? All of our boys middle names are Michael, after their dad's first name. Wyatt Michael and Charlie Michael.

Leah Dooley said...'re such a dork! I love it.

adam said...

Christopher Block Buster Boster !!!


Stepping Out of the Boat said...

I like Adam's pick! ;)

Lyndsay said...

Lol. Me too... Adam's got it.

steffany said...

Excuse me, but aren't you all MY BLOG BUDDIES? Please stop encouraging him:)

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

But's got such a nice ring to it! Christopher Block Buster Boster...ahhh! Just call him Block for short!

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

or Buster for short! ;)

Carolyn said...'re a NUT!