Friday, January 18, 2008

A Whole Lot of Faith

Today I woke up with a whole lot of Faith. She was in my bed, starring at me with her big hazel eyes. "Mommy, it's my birthday". "Yes Faith it is baby, guess who's home?" "DADDY!" and suddenly everything is better.
It's amazing what three straight hours of hard sleep, a hug from your husband at 4 am, and a pair of big hazel eyes can do. Yes, Adam is home for the weekend. Yippeeeeee! And it's Faith's 7th birthday today. Yipppeeeeeeee!

The moment you meet Faith you can't help but love her. She is filled with enthusiasm and joy. She is the perfect mix of sugar, spice and everything nice.
Faith, I love you so much!


Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Faith--you're a Doll!!!

HaPpY BirThDAy!!!!!!

Fantastic Four said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAITH! Have a FUN weekend with your hubby! He came at the perfect time!!

Lisa said...

What a sweetheart! Happy Birthday Faith!!!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday darling Faith! Sure wish we were able to celebrate with you. Hope you have a splendid day! Love, Laura, Curtis, Alexandra and David

Lex said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday my little sweet photographer! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! We love you Faith! Uncle Lex & Aunt Leah

Emily said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAITH!! All the way from Texas :)

Brandi said...

What a sweetie pie!

Have fun this weekend. . .we'll catch up when your hubby leaves!