Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snot , glogs, and stuff

Poor Lukas! He is feeling miserable and looking awfully pitiful. He has had a cold for over a month now, which means it's probably a sinus infection. I've put off going to the Dr. for awhile. I wanted to see if he could fight it on his own. He gets about 3-4 a year. Lots of snot. So much snot his face is red and chapped.

Have you heard of glogging? Didn't think so. I didn't know either until I read Brandi's blog. Do you want to know what it is? Then visit Brandi
You won't be sorry. I think Brandi and the "glogger" are involved in some sort of comment competition and since I'm fiercely loyal, I just couldn't bring myself to comment. I got your back Brandi girl.

And for everyone who asked, yes that is our house. It was built in the 70's and is as unique as they come. All the ceilings are made of tongue and groove wood, with open beams. The house has 11 skylights and windows everywhere. A catwalk, dirt floor in the atrium, 20 foot stone fireplace, and some rocking rafters that are higher than 24 feet. Plenty of clearance to hook up a harness and rope for adults to swing.

View of the kitchen from the catwalk

Rafters that big kids can swing from

We love it here and feel very blessed with what God has given us. The house definitely fits the Bosters. It sat on the market forever waiting for a family crazy enough to try and make it a home.
Well, I'm off to go sneak in my kiddos rooms to stroke their hair and pray for them. Love you all.


Fantastic Four said...

Again...can you adopt me? Its a very quick and simple process...maybe I can be an honorary Boster?

Leah Dooley said...

This house does fit y'all so well. I love y'alls house. It's kinda becoming home to me, too.

Leah Dooley said...

And that pic of you holding Nunu-you look like me. Like your nose looks like mine, not yours. Weird. I thought it was me at first but didn't remember him looking like that when we were there.

steffany said...

Leah-I can see that. That's a compliment!

stephanie said...

wow who would be cruel enough to take a picture of lukas suffering like that... a skilled photographer they are, but still.
let the comments begin! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool!!

Is it okay if I link to your blog for my most recent post on adoption loss?

steffany said...

That's fine with me. I loved your last post.

emily said...

Poor baby, is he feeling better? Love the house pictures:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks S. I meant your house is cool... not the little guy being sick :(

Brandi said...

Hey girl, 2 things your house is cool and so is glogging! Really, my hubby just has serious problems! He thinks he's TOO funny though! Thanks for not leaving a comment. . .I told him a bunch of his don't count b/c "karin" commented 7 times! he hates that I'm cooler than him! ha ha!

Love ya,