Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Survived!!!!!!!!

Yes, I survived the 9 girl sleepover. Will I do it again? Even though everything inside of me screams NO! The truth is; I probably will. The reason- No, it's not because I'm super mom, or cool mom, or crazy mom. Only 1-2 of the girls that came know God. Is there any better reason than that to open up your home? They are all wonderful girls! Each completely unique and all from very different backgrounds. Their ages ranged from 5 (first sleepover) to 10.
I think we had a good time. The one thing I would do differently is: Plan more activities. Last year on Faith's birthday there were six girls and it went a lot more smoothly. I had planned tons of stuff they decorated t-shirts, made tye dye bags, each made and decorated their own cake, pinata, and arts and crafts. They were busy. This year, I didn't plan much. They did the pinata, made beaded necklaces, and watched a movie. This allowed for a lot more time with out purpose and without purpose you have CHAOS.
For the most part everyone got along great. No one cried, so that is a huge success. Here are a few highlights:
1. A started a new tradition this year. Words of admiration bless and last longer than stuff that comes in a box. So, before each girl gave their gift to Faith they told her what they admired most about her. It was so sweet and blessed ME so much to hear what her friends had to say about her. After every girl spoke, Faith would give them a big hug.
2. I forgot about the cake on Saturday night so we ate it for breakfast. (along with smoothies, eggs and ice cream)
3. They loved swinging from the rafters.
4. They were sleeping by 12:45. I slept with them
5. At 5:00 am I heard a little voice in the dark say, "Is anyone awake yet?" By 6:00 everyone was.
6. My girls lead everyone in prayer for dinner and breakfast.

Lukas wearing the leftover pinata parts.


Leah Dooley said...

I can't believe they woke up so early! It sounds like it went really well. Lukas looks like Marshmallow man meets Texas Ranger! I miss you! Le

Fantastic Four said...

FUN! Love the new tradition, I'm gonna copy you! Sounds like it all went fine other than lack of sleep! I hope you and Adam had some good time together too...

Brandi said...

What a fun night!!! Are you exhuasted now? I bet it's so worth it since Faith has probably not stopped talking about it!


Emily said...

I love it. It sounded a lot like my daughters sleepover..... I love the cake for breakfast.....I might have to try that myself...

Christine said...

Is Lukas part chicken? :)

Nine girls? Wow!

Stepping Out of the Boat said... totally are a super cool mom! Don't try to play that down...we won't buy it! And having a sleepover to use your home to shine the light of JESUS...well that just makes you even cooler! You totally ROCK!!!