Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Much Better

Wow, I am feeling much better after my whole, "confession". I am all packed. I have 120 headbands tagged and ready to sell. Missy is bringing 51 BEMM candles as well. I don't have a BEMM booth, so whatever sells will be because of word of mouth. The Tacky for Africa headband fans out there going to T4 start spreading the word! They can be purchased at the project Hopeful Booth. I decided to use the headbands to support the work they are doing. I can not wait to meet Carolyn and the other ladies that started Project Hopeful. My hope is the money that is raised in the sale of headbands in cooperation with BEMM at their booth be used to help grow or start an HIV+ mommas program. (Though this has yet to be discussed, I am purely doing this in faith:)
The cost for the headbands at T4 is $10. I paid the refugee mommas $4.00 to sew each headband. My goal and vision with BEMM is to support, uplift, and empower Mommas everywhere. By paying the refugees instead of having volunteers sew this batch, I was able to accomplish all 3 goals. The rest of the $ that is raised at the Project Hopeful booth will go to them. Here's the thing...I paid the refugees upfront in faith that:
1: I WILL BE ABLE TO SELL THE HEADBANDS THIS WEEKEND (thus recouping my $400+ investment into their lives)
2: That they would produce a product worth the $10....

Once again..I am finding myself in a pickle. I have $120 headbands that I need to sell! I was super excited about these! They were made with the material I picked out..I thought the era of the tacky headband was gone. Well, turns out about 30% of the headbands flaws. Personally, I love it and think it makes them way more personable. After all how many of us can say we are wearing a headband made by a refugee of Congo and that our purchase helps support their families? So, once again...I pray that the headbands are bought with the spirit of helping and not getting. At the same time, you maybe pleasantly surprised.

As always I can guarantee 2 things.
1: 100% of your money will go towards a momma in Africa
2. You may love your headband or you may not...but that is not the point.


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Team Ethiopia said...

So great meeting you in person! Thank you for your inspiration and dedication to aiding the precious people of Ethiopia! Can't wait to connect in Addis! Many blessings! Kara