Sunday, September 19, 2010

Junkyard Beauty

Right now-without thinking, preconception or you're best friend. It may not be who you think it is...They may not be there for you in everyday life or the person you call to share the big news with or the little gossip you encounter in life...If you are like me... the person or people that come to mind are physically distant, quite different and not the 1st you call, but nonetheless...your best friend. You can go years and not even think of each other, but the moment you know nothing will keep you apart. My best friend and I joke around about how we have NOTHING in common. We spent only 6 months together in high school before going our separate ways. She has traveled the world over and continues to do so, is single, doesn't want children..*gasp* even admitted she doesn't even like kids, she is Jewish, controlling, and uses the f-bomb a lot. Well, and I am me. I have 6 kids, married almost 16 years, would like to travel more, love Jesus, recently started using the f-bomb again, and the only thing I wish to have control over are my BM's (I know..I could have left that out:)
We get together once a year and I think we spend the first day so excited to be with each other, the second day questioning why we are friends, the third day fighting...but when we make it to the fourth day..WOW! We remember why after 21 years and all our differences we are friends.
We both crave more. We desire with all our hearts to constantly change, grow, to see beauty where others see only explore the slightly different, engage the hurting and NEVER get old...only wiser:)
I think the "junkyard" we drove by in New Mexico sums up my love for her and her love for me.
At first glance or better yet while speeding down an old county road; you see from the corner of your eye a junkyard...probably hundreds of people drive-by and maybe only a handful slow down enough to see..and out of those a few actually stop and out of those few..maybe, just maybe one or two take the time to look around and even the one or two that take the time..they get bored after awhile and they leave. It's too different, too chaotic, too much work to find what you are looking for. Every once in awhile though...someone stays..they "get" it, they can make sense of the piles of junk, they can see the beauty, they appreciate the time spent to thoughtfully place each piece of junk. The junkyard is transformed into something that deserves to be explored. It's magical, comical, meaningful, thoughtful, and unmovable...
In the middle of the junkyard your differences seem so small, insignificant and phony...From the rust to the is what it is...just stuff, experiences, the shell of what it was meant to be. As your perspective stops focusing on the overwhelming crap that is the start to pay attention to the why is that vase next to the toy car? Your vision pulls back and you soak it all in. Not one single object is there by was placed there by the junk keeper. He took the time to line up the 4 rusted out peddle cars, all the speed limit signs were exactly where he wanted them....
I have my junk, my best friend has her junk and I'm pretty sure you have your junk....But in the junkyard there is beauty....You only need to stop. Take the time and really look...

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