Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's That I Hear?

Is Ethiopia calling your name?

Because Every Mother Matters is going to Ethiopia November 1-13th with doma on an epic adventure and we want YOU to come with us!

Why are we going?
To be changed, to be blessed, to be a blessing that can change the reality that 1-in-11 women die in E. Africa due to pregnancy related causes. doma is sending two different teams and you are NEEDED!
Do you have a medical background? Do you know someone who does? Then consider teaming with the medical team being lead by Amber Kauffman the medical director for doma.
Have you ever wanted to go to Africa? Do you have that tingling feeling in your gut as you read this, but wonder what YOU could do to help? Then come with us on the 2nd team. We will visit the fistula clinic in Addis, have a coffee ceremony with Because Every Mother Matters first momma, Gedese and her family, spend a few days in the village the Prenatal & Early Childhood Care Center will be built (thanks to ALL of your support and donations), you will get to know the people, their families, build relationships, work along side them. I even heard we may get to take a tour on the Nile River!
I can promise you 3 things...
1. You will be changed
2. You will be blessed
"wait for it.."
it will be

doma embraces and empowers vulnerable children and families around the world through prevention, intervention and long-term care.

Go to Ethiopia this Fall with doma!

The Challenge:
The average Ethiopian woman will give birth to over 6 children, and 1 in 11 women in East Africa will die of childbirth related causes. When a mother dies, children are orphaned; and there are 5 million orphans in Ethiopia. Doma digs to the root of the problem. Why are these homes grieving and broken? Why is it that they have no access to simple healthcare? Their days are spent in survival mode. In Ethiopia, growing healthy families means removing obstacles to peace and joy, and preventing that which leads to more orphaned children and vulnerable women.

The Project:
Doma will establish a Prenatal & Early Childhood Care Center in Bora, a village in the mountains of southern Ethiopia. At this center, the mothers and mothers-to-be in and around Bora will be trained in simple healthcare practices and have access to prenatal and postnatal care, as well as pediatric care for their children.

The Opportunity:
Dan Clark and Amber Kaufman from doma, and Steffany Boster from Because Every Mother Matters, are leading a Vision Trip to Ethiopia from November 1-13, 2010. On this trip, you will travel with pastors, moms, activists, medical professionals, and business persons who are passionate and share your interest in Africa, orphaned children, and vulnerable women. You will see real needs first hand and meet these needs in simple and immediate ways alongside of one of doma's medical teams. You will experience the first stages of the center doma is establishing. You will build relationships with Ethiopians and come away with life-long friends. You will have the opportunity to give to this and other projects, as well as come home inspired and informed to connect your families, churches, businesses, and communities to the adventure of generosity and compassion on behalf of orphaned children and vulnerable women.

The Details:
The team will travel from Monday, November 1st to Saturday, November 13th. The cost to cover all your needs while in Ethiopia is $1250 per person. This is a tax-deductible gift to doma, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You will also need to purchase airfare in consultation with a doma staff person. Additional cash for souvenirs, tips, and snacks is recommended. If you are even considering this opportunity, please be sure that you have a valid and current US passport as soon as possible. Go to for more information.

If you are considering traveling to Ethiopia with doma in November, please contact Dan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 614-648-3663 soon. Doma's experienced and professional team will guide you through the steps of preparing for your adventure of compassion in the beautiful country of Ethiopia. See you on the Continent!

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Paula said...

I would love, love, love to go with you... but I can't! Because I have to go to Ethiopia twice in the next few months to bring my new son home. My heart will be with you though! Maybe I can go next year...