Saturday, August 14, 2010

In The Cracks

This post is not meant to be in any way a negative view of my life. It is in fact just my life...another day in my shoes.

Mon-I woke up from a 18 hour fast to get blood work done. My sitter(awesome Miss Kelly) arrived at 10am. I had just spent the previous night throwing up. I went to my appointment. Then checked on my parents house and came home around 12ish. I walked in the door and Miss Kelly informed me Diezel was sick and having a hard time breathing. I started an albuterol treatment. Half way through I realized it was not going so well and drove him to urgent care. After 2-3 hours, X-rays, more breathing treatments they were still unsure if he needed to be hospitalized. The y let me go home for a few hours. When I got home I found Jace in extreme pain. I promptly took him to our chiropractor. His neck was swollen and in knots. I then rushed home gave Diezel another treatment and took him back to urgent care. He was diagnosed with pneumonia complicated by asthma. I was instructed to watch him through the night. I came home only to remember the girls had tennis. We had a late dinner and Adam left to go work some more. I stayed up with Diezel until 4:30 am, then Adam came home and I went to sleep. I woke up at 8am to take Diezel back to the dr. I was still vomiting.
Instead of boring you with the rest of the week in detail...I will give you the highlights
6 more doctor visits.
1 toddler having steroid/albuterol rages all week
1 night of what was to be pure bliss(my man sent me to a B&B for rest on Thursday.
1 call from Miss Kelly on pure bliss night informing me toddler w/roid rage had to be subdued by my oldest and 1 kid having heat exhaustion/breathing attack that might require an ambulance.
Being sick all week
and then followed by Xia breaking her nose at the pool.

You know what though? In the cracks...I saw beauty. I watched siblings care for each other, I witnessed 3 little kids learn how to swim, I saw my 6 kids playing with each other in the pool completely oblivious that other kids there age were too busy being "cool". I was the recipient of my man's love trying to help me rest, I found out my family can handle a ton of garbage and still laugh.

I love my life. I love everything about it. The messy, sick, complicated....I love it all:)


Becky said...

Well.....I will pick my lazy butt up off the couch now! No more pity parties about how I thought my day was tough. Nope! It was a walk in the park after reading your week! Wish I could help somehow......Miss you!

Wendy said...

Ok, aside from all the obvious about how much you rock and how sorry I am for the difficulties, I will respond to something that stuck out to me..

Xia broke her nose?! Oh no! What happened?!