Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Update

I had my first born start high school today. Yeah, no words. Okay...I do have words. Really?! I am the parent of a high schooler? I don't want to make this about me, but really?! I don't think when you are younger you daydream about this age of life...It somehow seems so beyond your grasp. I was so busy with preschoolers for 15 years..I never thought this day would come. With 2 preschoolers still at home, this still seems pretty surreal. The blessing? My son is amazing. I really couldn't be more proud. He is less than 2 months from a driving permit, but decades beyond where I am in understanding the gospel. Today I also had my first born daughter enter 6th grade. This is the year of development(insert scream here). She is BEAUTIFUL. What I love the most about her is even though she is physically striking...she has no clue. She is sweet, shy, introspective, yet, strong. Oh and I know I haven't shared a lot about this..but I am not homeschooling right now. So, tomorrow my Lukas (nunu) starts kindergarten (public school), Faith will be in 4th grade(public school), Jace 9th grade(private school), McKayley 6th grade(private school) and the twins preschool a few mornings a week. Big adjustment ahead.

And Adam? Working 20+ hours a day. We miss him. Me? that's another story


Danielle said...

Wow! I wouldn't know what to do with all that alone time;)

I have 2 high schoolers too! Time goes by so fast.

Let's enjoy the time we have and use it to serve the Lord:)

mlynne said...

We are just starting our Journey to Ethiopia to adopt after having waited over a yr in another prog for Taiwan when it stopped referrals. I just found your blog from THIS IS LIFE blog. Commentinh after reading this post, I just attended my youngest child's (daughter) open hse last nt (middle school, 6th), until we adopt, she is our baby. To boot what really caught my eye, your comment on not ever, when younger, thinking about the day our children enter HS. My eldest is preparing to apply to colleges this yr, he is a sr, I thought when he enter HS, I was ready 4 the transition, so many we had forged thru b4. But, yes, this is different. I takes adjustment, it is really a few short 4 yrs. But, they come out on the upper yrs of HS as mini adults, able to communicate and relate in such an adult sort of level, it can be very rewarding, humbling. My middle child, entered HS last yr, (now, soph) less of a transition for Me, Mum, the 2nd time, but for him such a welcome change. As I'm sure, you well know, ea child is different, he was so ready to have middle school bhind and b challenged. Wishing you all the best. I have a blog- if you would like an invite I can be reached at Thx for sharing!!!

Paula said...

I'm beside myself with the twins starting kindergarten next week. Not ready... me, not them. So, I have two kids in college, one in high school and two starting elementary. And waiting for my little guy, who will probably be four when we bring him home. I'm so grateful for the little ones. My bigs are getting ready to fly away and Mommy is just not ready.

Hope Adam gets some down time soon. You need a relaxing weekend of swimming and boating at a lovely lake I know of in eastern Nebraska. It's always open and the rates are low (free!).