Monday, October 12, 2009

"Real Friends" Day 13

Here I am on day 13 of my In Every Thing Give Thanks Trial

I was having a hard time trying to blog tonight. As I was trying to gather my thoughts together for day 13, I jumped on to facebook. I was met by one of my best friends-Amy. I met her through Jody who found me through Hollyann who ran Addy's Hope when I was trying to adopt Marion and Emmanuel in Liberia, after reading a post on a yahoo group from Emily.


hey there


whats up foxy lady?


Trying to blog. no fun when things are stuck upstairs




you know when your written word doesn't come out.


ah.. upstairs, like your head.. not like, upstairs.

7:30pmSteffany I keep all my words up a flight of stairs locked in an attic


me too.. that is why i was confused.



guest blog for me.


uh, no


write a day 13 grateful post!

come on!



"i am grateful that i have amazing blog friends, who, by the way, are REAL friends... you know, the kind of people who love you for what is inside your messed up world.. not the kind who pretend to care about you when they say hi in the grocery store parking lot."


you know i'm going to blog this!

Then we moved our conversation to skype.

I'm grateful for all my "real" friends out there. Out of the list above- I have now met Hollyann. I met her after I drove to Texas to help at a booth we created materials for to support Addy's Hope. While I was there I briefly met Emily on Hollyann's doorstep. About a year later I met Jody at the Orpan Summit. She got stuck with me as a roommate-She brought it upon herself though after inviting me- She might still be recovering:) And as for Amy?! She still continues to be one of my best friends that I have yet to meet.


amy smith said...

oh geez.
i love you too. :)

Cassie said...

that has to be like the 7 degrees of steffany!! :)

Salzwedel Family said...

Oh yeah...bloggy friends are the best!

Janet (Latte Lady) said...

God is good, girl!


Kari said...

You are amazing!!! Can you pop over and leave your recommendation on crazy blog? You have an amazing way of communicating:))
Love your blog post... real friends!
Thanks for being my bloggy friend:)

Leah Dooley said...

Very cool post. Very cool what God has done through your blog adventure!

Emily said...

Someday we will meet up for more then just a brief moment :)