Saturday, October 17, 2009

500 Miles

500 miles.
The distance I will be driving and running next weekend.
Diezel, Xia and myself are going to Iowa.

I decided at the last moment to join the Water 4 Christmas 4 mile run/walk to raise money for water!
496 miles of driving-
to run only 4 miles.
Which is big,
because I hate running!
I love water.
Actually I love Africa and what clean water can do.
Bottom line.
Clean water saves lives.

The entrance fee to run is only $20.
(which can bring 1 person clean water for 20 years)
But you know me.
I am not content with $20 and 1 person.
And if I'm traveling 500 miles....
Why then
should I not bring $500 dollars with me?
$1.00 for every mile.
25 people would have clean water for 20 years!
12.5 people clean water for 40 years
(which happens to be about the average life span)

I have raised $120.
I have less than a week until I leave.
Will you sponsor a mile or two?

You can donate
I will take the donation with me to Iowa.
And I will have Diezel and Xia give it for you with big smiles on their faces.
Even at 3 years of age they know what water means.
Every day Diezel asks me, "Wawa momma? Wawa? I get wawa today?"
Just let me know if you need my address or if you're donating online so I can track how close we are to $500 for 500 miles.

Oh yeah-
It's not too late to sign up and run.
I would love to meet you there!


Candace said...

Can I donate on the site? Will you still get credit or do you want a check?

Donna said...

I sent $60 to your house via our bank.

Jenny said...

I will donate to your run - I'd love to join you, but it's too far away. Also, would you mind changing my old on your blog list to my new I appreciate it and I'm off to look for your donate button or link or something.
Jenny :)

Leah Dooley said...

I don't know if you are going to get to do this now that you are...uh, unable to get out of bed as of this evening...yikes. But, I am about to go donate $20. I didn't get it in the mail right away when we got back Tuesday so I'll just go to the site.