Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Life in a Nutshell....or What Have I Done?

I attempted to throw my husband a surprise party for his 40th.
If you know us and our life...well. You can imagine that the mere idea is toying with insanity. Since I had no idea who to invite...I invited all 500 contacts on FB. Within one day the surprise came out of the bag. To give you an idea of our life...
We have 6 kids and are still trying to find our "new normal" after the twins came home.
Own a business with 40+ employees
Are in the process of editing our first major film (not connected to our business-this is on the "side") Most of our friends, family and business associates have invested in the film...I am not talking a low-budget small thing..yeah that is stressful and a blessing.
We just bought about 40 acres that will now be home to the Ren.Faire, a paintball business, a K9 training facility, a boot camp, pirate festival, and shooting are starting all of those.
A part time skate park at our house open to youth on Sunday.
Movie projects in the beginning stages.
My Because Every Mother Matter's vision...
Oh..and yes, there is daily life. Even with all of this...we sit down as a family every night and believe it or not we still maintain "balance"...
You might be thinking..."they must have money'..or..."they must have a full time nanny".
Ummm.. No. We have neither. When my husband pulls up somewhere, he is often mistaken for the "plumber" his 1987 pickup with a hatchback or his 1991 Landrover we bought for 2k. I do have an amazing girl that comes to my house 3 days a week for 5 hrs to help. Out of everything we have or splurge on...she is the best. My point is...we are all given a certain amount of resources and gifts. To think you have nothing to "offer" frankly pisses me off. Our life is full...
but could we fit more in? Give more? Do more? YES. YES. and YES.
Am I stressed about Adam's b-day? Honestly...yes. Only 17 families have confirmed coming and it is going to rain...Why am I stressed? Because I hope for more. I want my house so crowded with people that we are laughing. I am not stressed about the food I am going to serve, or what we are going to do...I just want tons of people to come, have fun, play music and let my husband know how incredible he is. I can serve saltines for all I me life is not about how much you make, what you eat, where you is about people and the relationships you create.
So yeah...our life is crazy....but nobody will ever say...."The Boster's were a comfortable family that fit in" NO. They will say, " What a bunch of nuts that thought they could make a difference"!
Oh yeah...and tomorrow at o'dark thirty I volunteered to lead a group of 8th graders all day into the the wilderness to get lost and make their way out with a compass.....good times


Sean and Lisa said...

Dag gone I wish I lived closer to you. Girl, you inspire me. Seriously, when can I come to visit?! :)
Much love oh and happy birthday Adam may God rain down buckets of blessings!!!

Jenny said...

Oh, man - you make me look almost normal. No one else thinks we are normal, but you might :) God bless you and I pray we meet in person one day!

Becky said... my life looks extremely boring and dull. You are one crazy and amazing woman!! Which I already knew but this just confirms it all the more! I wish I were out traipsing in the woods with you guys today! I love being in the woods. Happy birthday to Adam too!!

Emily said...

Your awesome :)

Paula said...

OMG, a PIRATE FESTIVAL!!!! You have no idea how much that thrills me. I was into pirates before it was cool. Aargh. Mom, philanthropist and pirate lover... you are way too cool. Can't wait to meet you! Remember, we'll be there next weekend, May7-9!