Monday, April 12, 2010

Mothers and Others Helping Mothers

I went to Ohio on friday to meet with DOMA. Daniel and Julie Clark were gracious to host me with less than a week's notice. As Because Every Mother Matters moves forward in the fundraising part of establishing a maternity and child development center in was time to break some bread and get to personally connect with DOMA. I went there not knowing what to expect but praying that the vision BEMM has meshes with the direction DOMA is going. I am happy to say...We jived beautifully. Julie Clark is a powerhouse! She is intelligent, funny, passionate, down to earth, works her butt off, and still manages to be an incredible mom to 3 kids under 4. Dan, steadfast, loving, empowering, wise, and so relate-able. They are a brilliant team. They know each others weakness and strengths. I am now more than ever excited about Because Every Mother Matter's decision to work with them.

I know I keep saying...more coming soon. This is my first time tackling something of this magnitude. To say I feel inadequate is a gross understatement. To be honest...after meeting the Clark's I feel so under qualified. Atlas...I know...I believe...that God will equip me. He will somehow direct this high-school dropout, momma to 6 kids, who has a hard time finishing things....He will connect me to people smarter than me. Women bolder than me. And a team of ordinary moms like me with a passion to do something. To get out of our comfort zones. To embrace an adventure. An adventure in serving!

Mothers Day is coming up. I know what I am giving the women in my life...A donation in their name to help a mother on the other side of the world! Seed money. Money to be used for a maternity clinic where moms and their children will be served.

1 in 11 women in east Africa dies to childbirth related causes.

which means more orphans. 143 million....already. Every mother matters....because every child deserves a mother.

To Donate...

And yes. More to come. The Because Every Mother Matters site will be launched next week!
I am also looking for creative crafters who could make everything from jewelry, aprons, art, anything that could be sold for BEMM.

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