Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is dedicated to all the women out there who fell for the myth that
having short hair is easier to take care of than long hair....

The person who came up with "short hair is easier to take care of than long hair"
Obviously didn't wake up looking like this
Or when they had long hair the only "product" they owned
was a simple brush.

Then over night had to learn and use all of this daily just to be able to go outside.
Even with all this, I was slightly optimistic because short hair can be super cute:)

Then by chance...I got a shot of what was suppose to be the psycho pup attacking my head
and instead I get a look at what my "short hair that is easier to take care of than long hair" reality truly is!
Really???? Neck hair!
Now I am not only to spend an hour a day grooming...
I am now suppose to shave my neck.
I don't think so!

I now give you my solution.
I will now be the almost 40 year old who constantly wears a hat everyday until my neck hair no longer shows!


Beautiful Mess said...

LOL! at least you look cute in a hat :))

I don't wear short hair 'cause I can't afford to keep cutting it-- :(

Leah Dooley said...

You are not almost 40! Ridiculous.

Dani said...

Totally laughing with you...
and encouraged not to cut my hair:)

Hope all is well...

Love ya,

Lindsey said...

YEAH for hats! LOVE it & your short hair!

KelseyChristine said...

haha i wear hats whenever i don't feel like brushing my hair--which is at least 3/7 days a week :)

Anonymous said...

You look great no matter what.

I agree long hair is easier.