Monday, July 20, 2009

Close Encounter

Yesterday Grandpa Coop took McKayley, Faith and I to an animal rescue farm he volunteers at. This sanctuary is not open to the public. Nor do they breed or sell animals.
For us to be allowed in was a huge treat.
They(a husband and wife) rescue everything from lions, skunks, macaws, tigers, squirrels, and the list goes on.
They get animals at all times of the night thrown on their doorstep. They never turn their backs. She is a veterinarian and he is a postal worker. The farm is supported from their own paychecks and occasional donations. I have never seen anything like it. Everything they have is given to care for the animals. Modest doesn't even begin to describe their house. There are animals in every corner. Even a monitor lizard in the bathroom. It was intense being right next to a tiger that was bigger than my husband. The cougar Sheila literally was stalking Faith. I have never seen a predator so determined for it's prey. Yeah, I was a little freaked. Thank God Sheila was caged. Definitely not a place for the toddlers. They could have lost a hand in an instant. Now I know why it is not open to the public. I was amazed though. What this couple has provided and sacrificed for the animals was inspiring. It was an incredible experience. One that left me in awe of God's creatures and thankful that metal fences exist.

Sheila- The cougar that seriously wanted more than anything to eat Faith.


Wendy said...

I think I've heard of these people! Although I didn't know their sanctuary was so extensive. Apparently you can bring animals to the post office and this guy will take them? We had a parent at the gym find a baby bird that didn't even have it's eyes open, on our sidewalk and took it to him. And another that found a baby opossum and brought it to him. Such cool people! I'm jealous you got to see all those animals...although Sheila looks seriously intimidating!

Adam said...

When an animal that size is thinking "LUNCH" while staring you down, you know you thank God for the makers of chain link!

Leah Dooley said...

those animals are GORGEOUS! It's so cool that these people do that. They are true heroes.

Can't wait to meet Tyler. That's his name right?

crispy said...

WOW !!! What a place to visit. Glad you were safe and got to see such creatures.