Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's That Time of Year....

....for my Lyme education and prevention post.
One of my dear bloggy friend's son is on antibiotics for Lyme.
Lyme is a tick borne disease.
Why do I care so much about this?

On the right is my sister Kym holding my daughter McKayley.
Kim died at age 37. I'm turning 37 in a few months.
She was bit by tick in 1998. She developed all the classic symptoms of Lyme.
Bulls Eye rash, fever, fatigue. However at that time doctors were convinced that Lyme didn't exist in Missouri. She went over a year misdiagnosed. Her symptoms got worse. Facial paralysis and extreme pain. She was continually told it was fibromyalgia and depression. Finally someone listened. They researched and believed her. She was admitted into a hospital with a central line. She developed a major blood clot. She was eventually released, but by that time she was already addicted to pain meds. She died in her sleep a few years later. Alone. No one fully understood her pain. Including me. Too much time lapsed between the tick bite and her treatment. I miss her more today than I did when she died January 17, 2006. She spent the last few years of her life fighting to be heard and validated. That yes, Lyme does exsist in Missouri and doctors need to listen to their patients more than outdated textbooks.
Here is one of a few articles written on her and Lyme.


Beth said...

I'm sad to hear about your sister, but I thank you for your post. My 18 year old son just got out of the hospital with meningitis and shingles. I'm convinced it's recurrent Lyme because he had the disease 2 years ago and never took his antibiotics fully. He's been complaining of muscle aches, joint pain and headaches for the past two months and now this. The only problem is, his test has come back negative. He's even had focusing problems with his eyes and one case where he's had a tourettes type symptom. I would like to treat aggressively for Lyme - I talk to the doctor tomorrow.

Leah Dooley said...

Hey Stef. Catching up on your blog now that we're back. Sorry you are missing Kim. I can't imagine how it feels to have lost her.

Anonymous said...

wow. I went undiagnosed for a year too. Thankfully, I am still here.

I am so sorry. I cannot imagine how much you miss her.

crispy said...

Sorry to hear about your sister. I am sure there are days that are harder than others to deal with the loss of her. Thanks for sharing your sisters story.

Jenny said...

This is so sad. I've been reading a lot about this because Julia got bit and had flu like symptoms. I've had a to work the system to put her on 21 days of anti-biotics, which is the minimum that she needed. I know several people suffering with this and the medical profession barely knows anything about it. I think it's often "chronic fatigue." I'm so sorry about your sister!
Jenny at