Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Forgotten Room.

We have a room in our home.
I call it the forgotten room.
It is downstairs.
It is my favorite room.
How could we forget about it?
Do we live in a mansion?
Just in the pattern of life it has become an island in the house.
It never gets messy.
Which is a tragedy.
It deserves to be used.

Tonight we discovered it again.
We explored.
We enjoyed dinner in it.
How could we ever forget this room.
The room I created for creativity and discovery.
that is just down a flight of stairs.


Cassie said...

what a cool room.
and what i notice most about it is the amazing scene of nature right outside those big windows. you must live on a very nice piece of land. thanks for sharing...

Sean and Lisa said...

LOVE the bookshelves full of books!! It looks like a wonderfully comfortable room. So glad you've discovered it again. I'm sure many great memories are just waiting to be had there, just like tonight!!

David and Sarah said...

Looks like a great evening--maybe the start of MANY great evenings.


crispy said...

Such a neat room. Use it more often. And enjoy that special space.

amy smith said...

can i come fill that room for a bit?

Wendy said...

Wow! I LOVE your ladder on your bookshelf! That's SOOOO cool!

Laura said...

Hey, that is my bedroom you are talking about! I cannot believe how big the kids are. I showed the girls your blog the other day. They had all sorts of questions about Africa. Love you!

Leah Dooley said...

I love this room, too. Mostly b/c it reminds me of Christmas morning since the tree always goes here! Also, I love sleeping down there b/c of all the windows & the super comfortable couch.