Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Huge Task-Big God

I'm sorry about being so vague about my upcoming trip. Things have been more than hectic here and also a little intrigue isn't a bad idea either. I really am still in processing mode.
I will be meeting 8 other women In Uganda. None of us really know each other personally and I only know Brandi through our blogs. From the moment I saw her blog almost 2 years ago I knew I wanted to be a part of her vision. We quickly became friends and began throwing ideas at each other. We partnered to create 'Because Every Mother Matters'. This past year she has been involved in more projects than I can remember. She is an inspiration and an encouragement to me. She started talking to me about Uganda months ago. I was too overwhelmed with Gedese, Christiana and her life to really listen to what Brandi was saying. And honestly I believe God only wanted me to focus on Gedese at that time- That was my full time ministry!. But I know a seed was planted. About two weeks after Gedese left I felt God-strongly-tell me to talk to Brandi about Uganda. The moment she started explaining the trip mission I knew without a doubt that I was suppose to go. That was maybe two weeks ago! We leave on the 28th. Talk about a whim. I knew I was suppose to go, but how and exactly why were yet to be answered. The trip was/is geared for a pastor/representative of a church body. Children's Hope Chest has actually created an amazing program and opportunity for churches of all sizes to directly and personally have an impact on an orphans life. Basically the idea is to have a church body come along and individually sponsor children from an orphanage meaning one church one whole orphanage. Ranging anywhere between 50-300+ kids at $34 a month, but it goes beyond just clothing and feeding. They disciple them as well. Someone meets with the kids weekly for bible studies and spiritual mentorship. What is also unique is they encourage the one's sponsoring to actually go to Uganda once a year to meet and pray with their children. As cool as this was, I was not feeling led to this. I kept talking with Brandi and she told me about another opportunity with Children's Hope Chest. It involved children run households and a widows' ministry. Alright! I'm in! As an adoptive momma I really believe in the importance of keeping a child in their home. I can only think about my own family- My oldest is 13, let's say if Adam and I both perished to disease and the only options for our children were to live at home as Jace being the head or in an orphanage- I would choose at home as a family as long as they were safe and their needs could be met of course. What excited me about the widow/child headed household concept was that if it was in the best interest for the children they could stay in their homes with not only the support of people like you, but also with widows from their village who could care for their emotional needs as well. Not to mention they would also benefit from Children's Hope Chest discipleship/mentoring program. Someone would be visiting them on a bi-weekly basis to teach them about God's love. The coolest part is I get to go and actually meet and identfy the children myself this month! So where do you come in? I need to find sponsors for at least 50-100 children in child headed households. The program works the same as a child sponsorship in the fact it's $34 a month, letter exchanges, praying for them and possibly finding a away to travel every 12-18 months to visit them and identify additional needs they or the community may have. I know finding 50-100 individuals to want to travel would be absurd. I also have the disadvantage of not being a church and having that type of community and commitment. But God did give me a vision! A doable one! I see 5 people stepping up to the plate. 5 people who will find and represent 10-20 people to sponsor these children. 5 people who will travel next year to uganda with me to hug, encourage and pray directly with these children. All except me who are traveling this time have the sponsorship figured out, they know how many orphans and even who they may be already accounted for. I am going purely on faith to represent as many orpans as God shows me in hope that I will find the people who will stand up and say boldly, "Count me in, I will care, I will take the plunge, I will walk in faith, I will commit to the least of these"!


Leah Dooley said...

Lex & I are praying about this. I don't know what our role will, prayer, active...we'll see.

Laura said...

Wow! Lady, you never cease to amaze me. I will pray about it.

Tricia Skiljan said...

Recently found you through adoption blogs. We are adopting from Ethiopia this year and we are in St. Louis. Praying about this, but know we would love to give a donation to do with what you see fit. Please let me know where to send.