Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trail of Towels . . .

(Yes, this update is from Adam)
Hello everyone! Alex literally called from Ethiopia, within minutes of her water breaking. (4:30am our time) It shows the incredible bond that God has created between Mother and Father. Across the world his God given protector instinct kicks in, and they are united even though so many miles are between them. We had to tell him "call right back, the baby is coming and they have to go to the hospital, NOW!"
He was crying with Joy when I called him back just now.
. . . So the long "I must tell someone my body is leaking and I'm freaking" trail from her room downstairs up to our bedroom and then onto the bathroom is mopped up and now covered with a trail of blankets, like a breadcrumb path, only this one doesn't lead to "Grandma's house." I'll try to take a picture just cause it's fun!
They left in the not so calm, but definitely cool and experienced hands of Steffany and by this time are probably lying in a bed at the hospital, feeling very excited!
As they say in all the good cop movies, "spread 'em!"
Now I'm going back to sleep like a veteran surrogate dad should. This day will prove to be an adventure I'm sure!

Ama sekenaloe.

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