Sunday, November 2, 2008

Labor Update #2 (Don't cheat! Read previous one first!)

OK, This is Adam again with another update. Good thing Gadese came to America! Looks like Christiana (SP?) is lying sideways in the womb, so apparently the doctor is wanting to do a "C" section. . . bummer.
Both mommies are in good spirits in the hospital.
I Guess that means the baby is definitely coming today!
No 24 hour labor/first time mommy delivery this time.
Recovery will be longer though.
Definitely a hospital stay.
Thank you Lord for watching over Momma and Baby!


crispy said...

Chills...I am so happy to see that the baby is coming. Hope it all goes smoothly and safely.


Jen said...

Yahoo!!! What an adventure!

Robbin said...

YAY, come on baby. It's a surprise to us but never a surprise to God, he lined up everyone to be in place at the right time.


Laura said...

Praying for everyone! God bless you all. Sara was at the hospital too last night but sent home. Hugs and kisses. Wish we were closer!