Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pray without Ceasing

He who is in us is GREATER than he who is in this world! Satan in laying it on thick for the Boster family. They came home to two children at home with major pink eye and fevers. And of all things another infestation of Lice! Steffany spent the morning coming hair trying to get all of the lice out and then treating Faith's hair with the medicated shampoo. She was just getting ready to leave for the Dr. and is going to talk with him about everything that is going on with their kids. They only had a few hours of sleep because the babies were up all night. Please pray for supernatural strength and energy to flood them today as they care for all of their children. Stef can't wait to get on her blog, but just hasn't had time. I told her I would let everyone know how they can be praying today!

*Pray for Jesus Christ and the Victory that is His Alone to bind satan and his demons from attacking them any further.

*In the blood of Jesus may all fear, despair, doubt, anxiety and darkness be cast out.

*Pray for divine and supernatural wisdom and clarity for the Dr. to know how to best treat each of them.

*Pray for an overflowing of strength and energy for Steffany, Adam and Leah as they care for the children today.

*Pray for a flooding of peaceful hearts as they go to the Dr. and for the children at home who are ill.

*Pray for each and everyone of them to receive complete healing from the Lord in the name of Jesus Christ.

Steffany has an incredibly attitude...she thought the whole lice outbreak was comical for her to come home to.

We will not cease to be intercessors for your entire family, Stef!!!


Brandi said...

Oh Jesus, we pray for your healing. Jehovah Rapha, this family needs you right now in SO many ways! Please send your healing hand. Father, we also pray for peace in the midst of this. We pray for your presence to be felt. . for you to be glorified in each and every situation. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness. . may you arise in both Steff and Adam a sense of joy in your faithfulness today as they recognize that you have finally brought home their little African babies! Oh Jesus, thank you! We continue to see you and need you!


amy smith said...

praying, praying, and praying

Ginny said...


Fantastic Four said...

OH My! We are praying! Keep us posted!

crispy said...

When it rains, it pours. Take it in strides. Let all of this be an opportunity to praise Him no matter what the circumstances.

"Blessed be your name
On the road marked with suffering
Though there's pain in the offering
Blessed be your name

Every blessing you pour out,
I turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in, Lord
Still I will say...
Blessed be the name of the Lord..."

Still praying for you my friend.


Lyndsay said...

Oh man....
Lifting you all up.

emily said...


Tabitha said...

What an amazing adventure. It's been so special to follow your story and have a small part as a prayer warrior. Amen that you're all home and together. I will continue to pray!

Lisa said...

Praying for you as I begin to follow your blog and your amazing journey. God provides!

Laura said...

Steff, I cannot believe it! Honey, I am so sorry for the latest development! Lice--UG! Have you thought about going to a hotel? How about a maid? Oh my goodness...I know you are so tired and weary.

I know you all need to get settled at home and I am praying for you to have peace and rest. After Jesus and the disciples fed the 5000, Jesus recognized that the men had not eaten and that they needed to rest. He took them to a solitary place and allowed them, encouraged them, to rest. I hope that you all can find that place, be it in your home or in a place near by. It only takes 3 days for a louse to be without a human host...I know that is probably impossible. What about a laundry service. Bag everything up and set it on the curb. Oh man, I know God has this covered too. I am right with Alexandra on this one, however. Why did He feel the need for lice in the first place? : ) I am praying for Faith. We love you all!

Brandi said...

Still praying at the end of the day. . I was hoping for another post to update us!

Love you,

Johnson said...

I am so glad to hear that they are home. We will keep praying that all these issues will be resolved very soon and that they can just take a deep breathe and relax with the Lord and their family.

Brandi said...

Jesus, We continue to pray for strength and healing for the ENTIRE Boster family. Give them rest in you as well. . help each person's heart to be full of joy. . Lord we know what it's like to have sick kiddos and how ornery they can get and how we tend to follow right along. .I pray that isn't the case here but that each child and Steff and Adam can have joyful hearts in the midst. Protect their emotions as they are sick and tired, help them hear your truth so clearly today. Sing over them and allow them a small moment to bask in your presence today. Thank you Jesus