Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good evening! this is Jennifer Fox giving an update at the request of Brandi.( Steff I hope you don't mind). I have been talking to Steffany the past couple of days and this is what has been going on with the twins. They both had to have feeding tubes put in yesterday. Diezel is not responding well to his and has had to have his stomach pumped for blotting and tubes put down his nose. I am sure you can imagine how he feels only being two? They are so malnourished that they are on 24 hour feedings. Diezel also tested positive for giardia and a couple of other things. They have a disses control specialist that it keeping a very close watch on both of them.(Praise God!) As for Steffany and Adam they are hanging in there but are tired of living at hospital and miss their four children at home. Their bio children are having a very hard time with mom and dad gone for such a long time. Please continue to uplift them in prayer. Steffany is such a beautiful person ! She has taken the time to call me in the mist of her problems to check on my daughter and to give much needed advise to me and my doctor on what to check and recheck for. I have so come to love and respect her family. they have such a heart to help others. May God hold them in the palm of His hand and bring healing quickly to Daizy and Diezel........ Jennifer

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Donna Barber said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Jenny in the midst of your new changes in your life. Many of us appreciate it.