Thursday, November 1, 2007

Living with a Dreamer

I started looking into flights to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving. Ouch! We were hoping to fly out to visit Adam. He has officially been gone for 4 days. Only 36 or so days to go. The cheapest airfare I found so far is around 500 per person, then multiply by 6 people. It just doesn't make sense to spend that much money for 4 days. Considering he will be preoccupied making a MOVIE! We miss him like crazy! We are so proud of him for following his dreams!


Fantastic Four said...

Come to TEXAS! WE're all going to Laura's for the big weekend! It will be great! Maybe we can 'adopt' you guys until your hubby returns?!?!

Laura Grote said...


I have no problem with that! It would be big Texas fun. The kids would have a BLAST!!!!


steffany said...

I am such a ditz at times. Candace I read your comment and was thinking what Big weekend? Is something happening that I don't know about? LOL. It took me a minute DUH- oh