Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In the Spirit of Giving- Long but please read

In my adoption quest, I have been blessed to meet and learn about some amazing organizations following God's call and ministering to the people in Africa. There are two in particular that God has laid upon my heart to help in any way I can. When I first had contact with Addy's Hope it was when I found Marion and Emmanuel. I told Hollyann(the heart and soul) of Addy's Hope that if I could help in anyway to please let me know. We did a little promo work for them but more importantly God spearheaded the building of Marion's House(which could not of happened without your prayers and generous outpourings) Thank you all so much.
Just as God led us to Addy's Hope to Glorify him, I feel his leading me to help another organization. I have been impressed by Orphan Children Rescue.
They minister to the people and orphans of Uganda. David and Jamie live in Kampala with their children. They have a wonderful blog at
I received an email from them yesterday. They are trying to help 100+ people have access to clean water. Here is their email:

Orphan Children Fund Christmas Island Project

Happy Holidays from Uganda. This year for Christmas we have decided to
do a project to help the community of a nearby island. Jamie wrote
about the island briefly in one of her blogs. We can see this island
from our house and David and Jesse have been out to it twice to visit
and see what was happening there. They found the people to be VERY
poor and basically shut off from everyone since they live on an
island and their numbers too small to attract any attention from the NGO's that might be able to help.
There are about 100 adults and 25 children living there. The
live in mud hits with trash as the roofs. (See the pictures on our
blog site ) There are no schools,
stores, doctors or clinics on this island. Because of the poor living
conditions, the mortality rate of children under 5 is unusually high.

They are currently drinking the lake water and disposing all of their
sewage and waste into the lake. You can see from the pictures how
green the water is around the island. What we want to do for them for
Christmas is this: A water purification project so that the entire
island can have clean drinking water, a Christmas dinner with meat,
presents for all of the children and some needed essentials and a bag
of beans and rice for every family. There are a few urgent medical
needs that we would like to take care of as well. I will post the
specifics on the blog. We have already approached them about this and
the entire community is so excited and thankful for the help. They
have never had any organization or individual help them before.

We are asking for donations to help complete this project and
celebration/gifts for these needy people. If you would like to
contribute please send your donations IMMEDIATELY to Orphan Children
Fund 5753 Republic of Texas Austin, TX 78735 for checks and by
credit card or debit card you can go directly to the web site at
Please specify on your checks and also when you donate online that it is for the

"Christmas Island Project." We will be posting pictures of the people,
the island and their living conditions as well as their stories that
they are writing for me on our Blog. Please look for them this week at Please send any correspondance to
Happy Holidays,
David, Jamie, Makinzi, Kaci and Jesse McKenzie
Orphan Children Fund US 501c3 EIN# 11-3786751
Ugandan NGO #6112
If you have received this message in error or would like to be taken off of our email list please send a message to

I know many of you are trying to finance your own adoptions and the upcoming Christmas season right now, but if you would help by committing to lifting these people up in prayer I know God will be able to work miracles.

I would also like to add for every dollar donated, We would feel privileged to match your donation. So, for example:if you or someone you knows gives $50, I will match that $50. Please Email me if you have any questions. And remember no amount is too small. Your .50 cents could be turned into a dollar and do alot in Uganda.

Small print here: I wish I could give thousands to this cause. However due to family budget constraints we will only be able to match up to a total of $1500.


adam said...

I'm so excited we are able to help in this way! Thank you my love for following God's pull to lead the way!

Leah Dooley said...

Is it weird to you that no has comments on this kind of posting but they do on things like hair color changing? We are so self-absorbed.

We can't wait to send some money to the island. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Thank you Adam & Stef for helping Lex & I stay focused on His work.