Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get The Heck Out of the Way!

I got a phone call today.
It was Gedese asking for help. Telling me she was in trouble and needs money. She has never asked me for anything. My discernment was a little "off". A part of me wants to give her/anybody anything and everything they ask. Then there's that part that fights that thought. The part that is still paying off her medical bills. I normally have a peace that comes with giving. This time my heart waged a war. I made one phone call to a mutual friend. An hour later she let me know the money was sent without thought. Without judgement. Freely given. Then an hour after that I was sent by a different friend a picture that was taken when she visited Ethiopia last month. Completely by "coincidence" I recieved a picture of Alebachew and Christiana.
My heart was softened. Peace overcame me and my discernment returned.
I realized it's not about me.
It's not about what I can do.
I was not filled with peace about giving because it wasn't to come from me...
And I had to be okay with that.
She called me to simply relay a message to someone.
I think I need to realize that a lot more in my life.
I need to get the heck out of the way.

BTW- If you want to see a bigger picture you need to look on Facebook because I can't make it any bigger


Robbin Hopkins said...

So happy to be able to provide some comfort :) I have the videos downloaded, I will send you the password as soon as I set it up LOL. To make the pic bigger, don't copy it until you open it up on the FB page then drag it to your desk top. I will send the pics to you by email.

Its hard to give without judging. She is very sweet and you KNOW it wasn't easy to ask. Thank God for the friend who interceded. You will be blessed for making the connection.

Robbin :)

Leah Dooley said...

Amen sister.

darci said...

very cool..