Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brave Hearted Chick Contest

This is probably one of the best contests I have seen in blogland. It reminds me of something that happens every week in my town called "Feed your Hero". You nominate someone who has made a difference in your life or other people in your community and they are eligible to win a gift certificate.
The problem is....every week my heart stops and thinks about one of you...and none of you live in my town. Everyone who is on my blog list and tons others(because I haven't updated for awhile) has made a difference in my life. So if there is someone special in your life or blogland you want to nominate go to Kari's blog. This is an awesome contest put together by an amazing woman. Have fun blessing someone who inspires you by nominating them for the


Brandi said...

Great idea!!! I'm going to nominate some girls I know. . many in blogland have been used by the Lord to change me. YOU are one of them!

We STILL haven't gotten phone time! I may just need to plan a girls night out all by myself to just talk to you on the phone!


Lory Howlett said...

Love it! Have you ever met Kari?....because, you know, you're both Miserians. We were thrilled to meet Kari and her family when we were in Branson this summer. So fun! I love the small world of the Body of Christ, made even smaller when we add Ethiopia. God is soooooo beautiful and soooooo good to us.

But be careful not to freak us out too much with your tales of 6 kiddos--we're pretty scared to grow to just 4 kiddos! :-)

Kari said...

Ohhhhh you are amazing!!! I feel super honored that you would post this & then reading your comments is like a big hug! OK, that's my grateful thing for today:) I wish like crazy we could meet in real life, not just bloggyland. Thanks for your support and your incredible passion that shines thru in your blog:)