Saturday, May 9, 2009

Undocumented Memories.

This morning I had the privilege to attend the Faith Girlz mother/daughter conference with McKayley. We had a wonderful time listening to Nancy Rue speak, doing crafts, and just hanging out.

Adam took the other kids to our local Fair Trade Shop- The Mustard Seed- this morning for

"Bang a Drum Against Poverty". A free music class to raise awareness.

So I sent him with the camera instead of taking it with McKayley and I. It wasn't until he got there that he noticed there wasn't a memory card in it.


Two great events. Two different memories created. No pictures of either one.

I think blogging has made me a camera/picture nut. If I don't have documented evidence then I have to rely on my memory- Which with six kids is something I keep losing at an alarming rate.


Candace said...

Don't you hate that?

Laura Lu said...

Super cool things you guys went to though! :D

Paula said...

Steffany! Believe it or not, I was wondering... on the way home, of course... "I wonder how far Steffany lives from here?!" So sorry I didn't think of that BEFORE we left the area! We'll probably be back again for a diving meet sometime. (Wow, Mizzou has a beautiful facility!) And absolutely, yes, anything you want me to take to Gadese, I would be happy to do it.