Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Master Sorter

This is a fun activity Lukas loves to work on. Sorting puff balls using a clothes pin. Helps with hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, sorting, sequencing. All for $3.00. We bought everything at the dollar store.

Working hard.

He was so proud of himself.

He then went on to help sort his sisters' interlocking cubes for their math lesson.


Ginny said...

I love that kind of activity!

Angela said...

well, hello miss montessori!! :) I LOVE IT. have you seen the 'chasing cheerios' blog? i think you'd like it if you are into the montessori approach!

Wendy said...

Have I mentioned I LOVE this kid?! (and can you tell I finally remembered my account info and can post comments again!) :)

crispy said...

It is great that you provide this kind of activity. Great job.

David and Sarah said...

Simple things are best, aren't they?!