Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hanging on to Innocence

I wonder how much longer my teenage son will think like this.
Here's the conversation Adam had in the car with him.

They were driving and saw a bunch of bikini clad girls advertising for a car wash(apparently they were working it)

Jace: Dad, they would get a lot more business if they were dressed like super heroes. And they should have the Incredible Hulk holding a sign that say's "Be a real hero-Go green".

Yeah, he's hanging on to his innocence and I'm loving it and secretly laughing my butt off.


Adam said...

Enjoying the safe zone while it lasts!

Leah Dooley said...

What is the outcome when a kid reads the entire Bible all the way through one and a half times? What is the outcome when a kid spends at least an hour EVERY SINGLE NIGHT reading comic books & the Bible before he goes to bed? What is the outcome when a kid isn't indulging in worldly things & mind sets as most 13 year olds? What is the outcome when you have 2 Godly parents who train their children in the ways of the Lord through word and deed? What is the outcome when God's grace is ridiculously abundant?

The outcome is the Jace Man.
A 13 and a half year old who loves God more than anything else. Who turns away from evil. Who has more Godly discernment and discipline at 13 than I do at 26. And who chose long ago to pursue the things of God and not of this world.

I love you Jace. I can't wait to have a son like you one day.

stephanie said...

hahahah he is wonderful. that is great. one of a kind for sure, in the best way possible :)

Kari said... it:)))
My 15 year old announced that he was "dating" golf for the next few years. Ohhhhh yayyy!! You know I'm loving it!!!

Leah Dooley said...

simplyloveproject...I love your daughter's hair bows! A woman who is as faithful as I am to bows is a woman after my own heart! Ha! Not to mention that your daughter is absolutely precious & beautiful.

Brandi said...

Precious. . .that's awesome!

Love Adam's comment. . yes, enjoy the safe zone while it lasts!