Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just One Blanket

One of my dear friends Brandi is asking for help to spread the word about a crisis in China.

You may have read about our KidsLake project this month. It just got a lot more urgent. NO BLANKETS will be given to this village until they have enough collected for ONE PER FAMILY. that means at least 222 more, or none. They are $10 per blanket. This is more than we usually raise with KidsLake. WOuld you consider putting this on your blog and encouraging others to do so too? Here is what I recently posted. YOu can also go to the original KidsLake post and copy and use any of that and any of those pictures too. THank you for your help! Feel free to forward this on too!

UPDATE for Blankets! URGENT

I just received an email from our contact in China. They have collected 370 blankets to give out in this village. But, the leaders will not allow them to give out ANY until every family can get ONE blanket. This means 1200 people living in tents, homes made of bundles of straw, and earthquake-damaged homes (some with tarp roofs) as well as some who live in completed but very sparce homes. Many have no electricity and none have any heating. It is more like going back 100 years when we go to this simple village. This is Africa type poverty. . but with winter coming! These families will go without blankets until we can raise enough to get 222 more blankets so they can give out one blanket per family!

We are asking for your help! This is a big project at a stretched time of year. Help us get the word out. Email your friends and family and ask for blankets for Christmas. Write about this on your blog and ask anyone else you know to do the same. Spread the Word. This is one of the most unreached people groups and we have the chance to provide warmth so that maybe, just maybe they can understand and hear about the real warmth that comes in the arms of Jesus!

We have added our donate button to the side bar. Email me and I'll give you the html code so you can copy and paste it into your blog if you'd like! (often, people may not be inclined to link to someone else but might just click the donate button on your blog!)

One more thing. . we'd like to say a HUGE Thank YOU to Global Orphan Outreach who is partnering with us to raise the money through paypal. They are a great organization who I encourage you to check out as well!

Thanks! Brandi

What would happen if everyone who read this donated enough money for 1 blanket? According to my blog stats I'll the blankets that are needed would be purchased.


Leah Dooley said...

Hey Stef!! The link to Brandi's blog doesn't work. What's the site address?

Leah Dooley said...

Nevermind. The link at the top works, just not the one at the bottom.

Brandi said...

Thanks friend!!!

Love you!