Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's Time For.......


Somehow I forgot to mention that Gadese is having a girl. Yes, a baby girl! They are thrilled. She is wanting help in naming her. She wants a biblical name. We would love some suggestions. Gadese really liked the name Bethlehem, but decided that there are too many little Bethlehem's in Ethiopia. So if you have ideas, please leave them. It wouldbring her a lot of joy to know howmany people think and ask about her.

And yes, I did get the hospital stay for her covered. The hospital was so generous to do this for her. Thank you Boone! Now, as far as her doctor is concerned. He has been great. I first contacted him months ago, I told him the story of Gadese and he was wonderful. We came to see him that same day and he said,"God's been very good to me, the biggest bill you'll have to figure out is the lab and hospital, I will only charge you pennies on the dollar." It is now months later and he still won't tell me what he is going to charge us for his services though. I'm starting to get a little nervous. How would you respond to this? I spoke with him a few visits ago and said, "It's gettting close , I sure would like to know what our bill will be with you." He said, "Oh, I thought you would tell me how much you would pay."
WHAT! Okay, what should I have said next?

We hit so many brick walls trying to get Alex here. It looks like that would be a long term project. So, as of now there will be no Alex here for the baby's birth. It has been since the beginning of April that Gadese has seen her husband and family. The plan is now for Gadese and the baby to return back to Ethiopia after the first of the year. I hopefully will be able to travel back with them. I have half heartedly been attempting to start a ministry there over the last few months. I just can't seem to get it together though. I haven't really heard God speak to me yet. So, I'm just kind of standing still waiting. I'm hoping to go back though. My first travel there was shadowed with fear. Fear of the twins dying, fear of losing two more kids, fear of what was ahead of me with their recovery. It was hard to think about much else. This time I really want to soak it in and just breath. Go where God leads.

Now on to movie business. We have been blessed to have Adam home for the most part since July. We had a lot of adjusting we had to do. Any of you with travelling spouses know what I mean. Since then we had the red carpet event and a film festival. Now it's time to sell this thing. Adam leaves tonight for Los Angeles. He has meetings with some pretty big studios. If you think of it please keep us in your prayers. The selling of this movie would bless so many wonderful friends and family that believed in my husband to support his vision.

Homeschooling! Wow, what can I say. So many blessings have already come from that leap of faith. I really just want to encourage anyone who has ever considered it or who has felt God tug at their hearts about it, to seriously pray and consider it. Every year during May, June and July, I struggled with what to do the next year with my kids. Do I keep onthe same path or maybe, just maybe try homeschooling. For many years I kept on the same path. Then I finally did it, I jumped ship. I chose a different way and it is amazing. I think the key for me was not going with a particular cirriculum. I have freedom from expectations or rigid guidelines. We are having a lot of fun. My relationship with them has grown beyond anything I could imagine.

And the twins? Well, everyday is a new day. I try not to measure how today will be by how yesterday was. It's never the same. It's a struggle. Some days I feel like we all won and other days I feel like we all lost. I don't mean to sound grim, but it is hard. And so is parenthood, marriage, walking with God, relationships and life. That's the beauty of it. Without struggle and without pain there is no victory. There 's little value. We value and cherish what we fight for. We fight harder for what we love and value. So everyday, I'm fighting. I'm fighting for my family, for my marriage, for my relationships and I'm fighting to walk with God.


crispy said...

Thanks for the updates. We have prayed for you and yours for so long it is neat to see God take you to new levels of trust and faith.

I am really glad to hear about the homeschooling going well. What a blessing from God.

I can relate on the husband not being there/traveling. It is starting to get old around here and I am eager to have God answer our prayers and sell our home so we can be together as our family should be.

Christi said...

You are awesome Stephany! You are doing a fabulous job leading and guiding your family, and everyday is hard. What makes it worth it is at the end of each day you look forward to the next, grateful that the current one is behind you! :) Thanks for the updates. We are praying for you, your family, and your film! Loves!

Laura said...

What a fun update post! Praise the Lord that He has brought you through so much and is continuing to carry you on!

Now that everything is going so well for ya, let's go have a burger and... ;)


Heather said...

Great post. Thanks for all the updates. I'm excited about your homeschool adventure

Anonymous said...

I am glad everything is going so good, and you filled everyone in on the updates. I looked up a few names suggestions for Gadese.

Keilah (ky-lah)-fortress
Mesha(Mee-sha)-Salvation, deliverence
Zemira or Zemirah-Song, melody

Natasha-(from the office)

Missy said...

How about Bethany, another biblical town and maybe not as popular in Ethiopia? I love Hadassah (aka Esther). Hoping to use that one myself if we ever have another girl.

Kelly said...

How about Belen? pronounced "Bay-len" It means Bethlehem in Spanish. I have always loved that name. I had a little girl in one of my classes named Belen. I think it is beautiful.

Emily said...

Some names I love:

and, my baby's name, Haven (which is not strictly Biblical, but is in the Bible!)

Laura said...

You rock! Alexandra is expecting Gadese's baby to have her name...just saying! : ) What about Celeste? It means heavenly. Please give lots of hugs all around. Sara and Chloe are here due to lack of power in Conroe. They are doing so well. Getting close! Love you guys!

Brandi said...

ok, that was at least 5 posts! How Am I supposed to comment? hmmm? hehe

Name: I agree with Missy. . I LOVE Haddasah or Esther "for such a time as this"

Bill: I say tell him $50!! hey, he asked!

Homsechooling: how fun! Yes, relax and be creative. I LOVED that school for us some days was going to the zoo or Sea World!

Hubby Gone: My mom used to say the same thing! After being the "head of the house" for weeks, having my dad home was a bit challenging!

Twins: Remember, it's as if you are simply at the 3 month mark, if that! AND you have 2. . AND they are toddlers! oh yes, girl, I hear ya!! Joyful? YEP but stressful and challenging too!

Love you bunches and can't wait to talk again soon!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I so wish we lived closer together. I so want to homeschool my children but my husband says no. I am so proud of you for doing it! Tell gadessa I think and am praying for her. I am so bummed that Alex cant be here for the birth.Are you really going back??? Let me know what is going on. , Jenny

Anonymous said...

Shalom is also A beautiful name Meaning PEACE. ,I also like Zion. I almost changed Jalenes name to Zion. Jenny

Natalie said...

i love your posts!

i have been readng Nehemiah. One of the things that struck me was how God instructed the people who were rebuilding the wall to fight for their families against those who did not want them to restore the wall of Jerusalem. Sometimes it takes fighting to bring about God's kingdom in our families and lives.

Emily said...

I am happy to see things are going so well! Especially the homeschooling!

A name I always liked was Tamar for a girl (its in the bible she was the most beautiful woman, but I forget where at the moment!)

Alicia said...

Found your blog through Karin's. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Your family is beautiful. You are very blessed!

Major Mom said...

How about Meron? It means Gift from God, that is our baby's Ethiopian name and will remain her middle name. I thought it was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love the last paragraph. So true and so wise.