Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

It's the Ethiopian New Year. I didn't realize until later this afternoon how hard today must have been for Gadese. To be here with us, without her family. Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I lose perspective.
Anyway... Thank God, He showed once again why I'm doing this. Why He had me bring Gadese to stay here, why He wants me to serve her, and why He wants me to help her every day.
His ways are perfect. Always.

We cooked a huge Ethiopian feast and invited some family. We had a great time. We listened to Oromic music, and even washed our hands the traditional way. I only hope that in some small way Gadese felt tonight how very much we love her and how very much God loves her.

All of sitting down to our Ethiopian feast. Notice the lack of utensils.

Sigawat stew. Beef and berebere.

Dorowat stew. Chicken and berbere with hard boiled eggs. Good and spicy.

Chiro. Chick pea flour, ethiopian butter and berbere.

Adam was the official hand washer. Since you eat with your fingers in Ethiopia it's customary for someone to walk around the room with a pitcher, basin and soap to wash your hands before a meal.

Grandpa and Diezel having a moment.

Gadese and Faith after dinner working on a sewing project.


Laura said...

Happy New Year Gadese! Alexandra and I wish we were there to celebrate with you! How wonderful! I hope that you are feeling well and that baby is moving all around. We cannot wait to meet her! We love you! Steff, thank you so much for sharing this event and for all of the pictures. We miss you guys and talk about you all often. Alexandra asks about Gadese all of the and prayers all around! : )

amy smith said...

Oh Steffany!
I adore you. :)

Cassie said...

that looks SO yummy! who cooked? when is gadese due? in these photos she definitely looks like someone who knows she is loved.
what a gift to her...AND to your little ones.

Cassie said...

ok steffany. i changed my mind. will you email me the plumpynut recipe? burbackx2@hotmail

Laura said...

OH WOW...what a WONDERFUL partay!!!!!! Whoo-Hooo you did it!!!!! Give Gadese a big huge hug from me. Tell her I LOVE her baby belly! :)

Seeing Gadese leaning over the counter like that made me miss you all!!! I miss your's the heart of your home!!!

Leah Dooley said...

I love Faith's hair. Thank goodness y'all washed your hands. HI SADDIE! I see you are back!!!!!

Emily said...

Oh my! Ethiopian food is my all time favorite! It looked so yummy. We have an Ethiopian place here that we like, but it's not nearly spicy enough for us. The truly authentic stuff is so spicy and sooo good!!

Kelly said...

Wow, did you cook all of that yummy food? It looks fantastic. BTW...Diesel looks fantastic. What a wonderful celebration.

stephanie said...

what a way to bless and serve Gadese... you know that meant so much to her. and that looks good! im coming over for leftovers.

Candace said...

Happy New Year Gadese!!!

Looks like lots of fun and super yummy food! Incredible blessings!

crispy said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love them. What a neat way to share the tradition for your family.

Curious about how Gadese's baby is and if you got all your fundraising done.

Major Mom said...

After I read this last night, I dreamed about the food in the pics! It looks so good. Hope it was a great celebration!!

Anonymous said...

How cool. You guys rock.