Friday, December 28, 2007

Update on Uganda Project

Wow! God is so Faithful! Here is an update for the Uganda Christmas Project. Thank you to everyone who gave prayer and or money to help.

I copied this off Orphan Children Rescue blog:

Here is the list of things that we were able to accomplish on the Island with your help. Thank you to all of you whose donations made this project possible.

Bags of beans, salt, porsho and blankets were delivered. Soap and Moringa seed were also delivered.
The water purification system was built, delivered and installed with great success. 2 hours after installation they were drinking purified water.

A doctor came and saw all of the sick people that day. He administered first aid as well as administered drugs to those in need. We ran out of medicine so we will be going back next week to deliver more. We also put together a large first aid kit for the island to use in cases of basic first aid needs. The Dr. has agreed to come 1x a month to do a clinic for the people.

A man came and set up a movie for the people to see. It was the first movie any of them had ever seen. Afterwards he did an evangelistic message in which many people received Christ as savior. We have a local bible college that has agreed to send students out to the island once a week to teach and pray with the people.

We raised two pigs to take to the island to help start their pig project. We also took the seed for the people to be able to plant the feed for the pigs.

We will be continuing to help these people with their livestock program, bible studies, health clinics, human waste management and roofing. Enjoy the photos below! We hope you all had a very merry Christmas and pray for many blessings for you in the upcoming New Year.

Leaving Ggaba port for the Island

People on the Island waiting for us to come.

Island fishermen

Leaving Ggaba port

Moringa plantation and pig project

We took a 40 kilo bag of Moringa seed to plant on the island for pig feed as well as for the children. It is also used in the settlement tank of the water purifier we installed. We are raising 2 pigs at our house to take to the island in 3 weeks to use to enhance their pig production. The field below is where they will plant the seed and these are the pigs they currently have on the island.

Supplies off loaded

We took bags of beans, porsho and salt for everyone. We also distributed soap and blankets for all of the children.

Island Houses

The island doesn't have very much clay in the soil, so the houses have to be re-mudded after every rainy season. When the storms come in the trash on the roofs blow off and they are left to wait for more to wash up on their shore to replace it.

Setting up water tank and purifier

Unloading the tank. The kids used plastic jugs and pans to fill it up. The people couldn't believe that the green, worm infested water could come out like bottled mineral water afterwards.

Lunch time on the island

Ready for naps after lunch.

These two pictures are of a grandmother on the island raising her 17 grandchildren by herself. Her husband and all of her children died of AIDS. The kids are ages 5 to 11.

Supply distribution

Storing food in banana leaves

Waiting for supplies

rationing beans

rationing porsho

People on the Island

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I think that is so true. Take a look at the faces in all of these pictures and see what they are telling you.

Pictures with the doctor

Patricia(left) volunteered to help Dr. Dixon with patients records for the day.

Boy with dwarf syndrome. We were able to get him referred to a specialist that will do rehabilitation with him for free.

Medical Clinic

Sick baby

Mom and baby waiting to see Dr.

Kids waiting to be seen by the doctor.

movie Pictures

Almost dark enough to start the movie. This was the first movie that anyone on the island had ever seen.

Project Update-movie

setting up the movie screen

Setting up the sound for the movie


Christine said...

Thanks for sharing these pics. Hits the heart.... hard. I really like the description you have on your profile. It sounds like we are very much alike. :)

Ginny said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Amazing work!

emily said...

I don't think I noticed the Orphan Children Rescue on your blog before. What is your connection with them? The family that started it are really good friends with my sister from Austin. I saw Jessie, their son, in several pictures:)

Hope all is well. It was fun seeing the pictures.

Laura said...

I am so awed by your willingness and commitment to this project! Thanks for sharing the update and the information. Thanks for calling us all to step up, just by witnessing to us. God is so good.

Brandi said...

Amazing. . .so beautiful. I want to go back to Africa!!! Can you find anything out about the filtration system? Does this take the place of wells? I would love to hear more. . especially cost comparison and see if this would work in Liberia as well!

or email me privately!

Brandi said...

By the way, I went to the Orphan Children Fund blog and read the entire thing! Love it!