Monday, December 31, 2007

Things I learned This Year From All of You!

I learned from Emily that even a note written 21 years ago can be the best gift to a daughter longing for her mother.

I learned from Candace that it is never fun when the Chi dies.

I learned from Danielle that there are still pioneers today.

I learned from Laura to be happy for today.

I learned from Ginny that their are other 30+ year old women out there waiting to "grow up", but that never will- Thank God!

I learned from Kim that you need to leave adult wisdom at the door.

I learned from Lisa to pray to be disturbed and when you are- then do SOMETHING!

I learned from Leah that even cats love the Lord. HeHe.

I learned from Hollyann that God always has a plan greater than we could ever imagine.

I learned from Laura that God is faithful.

I learned from Courtney that Rockstars do exist.

I learned from Brandi the true meaning of Festivus.

I learned from Christine how to make the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

I learned from Emily what the inside of the White House looks like.

I learned from Rainy Conversation that a picture is really worth more than a thousand years.

I learned from Ezra's mommy that we don't always understand God ways and it's okay to be angry at Him but we trust Him.

I learned from Every Season to trust in your kids abilities.

I also learned that I'm not alone in my blog addictions and NEVER to publicly display a "doing the dance" again.

I thank God for all I learned this past year, I thank Him for the good and the bad because I know it is all for Him. I also thank Him for all of YOU, my friends, my cyber buddies. You have all touched me in some way this year. May the Lord bless and disturb you this year.


Brandi said...

Wow, I'm so glad I made the list. . and in such a special way too! I know you will never forget the lesson I have taught you, this is what I'm here for! ha ha! Thanks, that made me laugh. Now, with this list, you've basically given me another 10 girls to start checking. Thanks a lot!


Emily said...

I learned from you to never give up on big dreams :)

Lisa said...

So neat! Steffany, I learned from you that 1 person can make a huge, life changing difference for many and that you can feel close to someone you haven't ever met!! Thank YOU for being who you are, you are such a blessing to us!!

Christine said...

This is a cool list. Really cool! I might have to steal this idea. Is that okay?

Happy New year!

Danielle said...

From you:
I learned that during really difficult times, God sends angels (ones that you haven't even met) to answer prayers. Thanks for all of your encouragement and support!

I pray you have a very blessed 2008!

Laura said...

I am humbled by the links that you have provided. I cannot believe how splendid the women are that you have "met" through your blog. What an enormous blessing!!!! I have been inspired. You, Steffany, are such a gift to this world. So are those you love and care for. Through you, we are all blessed. Through Christ, we are all made clean. Happy New Year and May God, the God of all Gods, bless you and keep you in His grace! xoxoxoxLaura

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Steff, I have no idea how my comment was generated twice. I also have no idea how to fix it. Sorry!

HollyAnn said...

And through you I have learned to live life all out so that there are no regrets! I count you among my blessings in 2007! Happy New Year and may 2008 bring babies in your arms!

emily said...

What a great post! I had so much fun learning from all of the new blogs that you introduced me to.

I have learned that you listen to Lord and go where He leads you! You have much faith my friend and your blog buddies are blessed by you:)

Kim said...

I love the list, I am going to copy your idea next year and I think that is a great idea for anyone to do, what a way to learn!! I cannot wait to explore the other learned from I want to learn toooooooo!

Can I tell you what I learned from you.

That I can do it, that I am not alone, and that I need to trust God for the next step. Your words to me were life changing and whenever I don't know what to do I think of that, a picture of a lamp and waiting for the next step. That was your formula. It is a good formula!


Anonymous said...

What a great post... and thanks for adding me to the list!!!....or should I say the Rockstar!

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

Steffany--you are an encouragement and inspriation to those of us who "know" you! You inspired us to dance! :) You have shown us what it means to follow God even when it isn't going the way you had thought it should. Keep pressing on! Keep living your life for the sole purpose of giving God the glory! You are a wonderful, wonderful woman!!!!!

steffany said...

I am truly humbled by all of your comments! Thank you. I am blessed by all of you.

Brandi said...

ok, time for another post!! Come on girl! By the way, remind me when we talk on Tuesday to ask about building a baby house for another orphanage. . .I need info!

love ya,

Ginny said...

Oh man Steffany, as if I am not reading too many blogs as it is!

Fantastic Four said...

Love this idea! LOOK what YOU have taught US! I have learned so many things this year...God is so good I am so thankful for wonderful family and friends! GOD BLESS YOU GIRL! Thanks for this post and all your others!

Ginny said...

Steffany, I think it was your public display of "the dance" that has kept me coming back to your blog :)